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Trying to get my JRPG Fix before my Baby is born

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User Info: Teepo64

4 years ago#11
You could always play them both for a few hours and finish the one that appeals to you most first.

Congrats on your baby? What's the baby's name?
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User Info: playboyskitch

4 years ago#12
NCPwn posted...
Well the bad reviews I've been reading is how bad the AI is in the game. Something like this could really ruin it for me. I feel like Tales of Graces F has bad AI (I"m probably the minority), but it's playable with friends as it allows 4 player couch co-op.

Edit: Just repeating what I've read, not saying I won't pick the game up.

True, Ni No Kuni's AI is bad, but only in the beginning to mid (25-30ish) game, once you start to level, they start getting smarter and dying less, atleast for me it did xD Rainbow Moon is also a great game, i love the OST in that game so much xD
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#13
The AI controls are one of the areas that needs polish. In the beginning, it can be frustrating and annoying, but once you sit down and work with it a little bit it's not a big deal.
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  3. Trying to get my JRPG Fix before my Baby is born

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