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Do you guys feel that the Tales of series is now better than the Final Fantasy?

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  3. Do you guys feel that the Tales of series is now better than the Final Fantasy?

User Info: MoonlightJust

4 years ago#31
Sand_Flare posted...
At the moment, yes Tales is better.

Not as a whole, but for the time being FF has basically been reduced to a laughingstock.

We're all looking forward to Versus XIII and whatever the new FF game at E3 will be though.

Mostly this. I am looking forward to Versus on the grounds that they haven't murdered it into something totally different now. But I am not looking forward to E3. I am dreading it. We are going to see more info on Lightning Returns for one, but mostly because of the unknown project. I am afraid it will be something else in the XIII universe, or XV, but as some horribly mangled monster of a not-RPG. XV is sort of SE's saving roll to me.

User Info: Fiery101

4 years ago#32
In the last decade, definitely.

Overall, no.

It will probably stay that way. I don't think Square will ever get their act together. They've gravitated toward flash, no substance and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

User Info: Zetgob

4 years ago#33
From: digitalwill2000 | #029
The fighting gameplay, overall, isnt good in the tales of games. Im not asking for MMO style abilities but the lack of a taunt ability is stupifying, the healer cant get heals out by skill, only by luck

Actually there are a few taunt skills in some Tales games, usually an extra skill effect tied to the actual Taunt/Appeal button. Similarly some characters alter their taunt to make the enemy not target them. You could also of course, you know, protect your healers. Normal enemies can be managed by well timed downing/hit stuns, and for bosses they can usually be baited into chasing melee characters.

Personally I prefer it this way, the combat is much more exciting if you have to adapt and actually try to manage the enemy's position rather than just spamming taunt and letting ranged/spell casters pelt them from afar.

User Info: nuskooI

4 years ago#34
Modern Tales >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Modern Final Fantasy

Classic Final Fantasy >>> Classic Tales
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User Info: Ben622

4 years ago#35
I agree with Fiery, it seems Square is not gonna reach that golden age that I thought it had in the mid/late 90s. The only tales game I played was Symphonia and It is better than anything SquareEnix made after FFX (between those two it's close). It's amazing how similar the world map system was between Symphonia and Pre-X final fantasies. With that now I guess I gotta pick tales.

I think RPGs with like a party and towns need to find a way to bring back the classic world map to make these games compete in our minds with the ones before.

User Info: Nagisa_Shinju

4 years ago#36
Too much bitterness to answer honestly. As a whole, I enjoy the Tales series more... but when I look at just how many games were never localized... I find it difficult to judge the series.

User Info: flintz

4 years ago#37
ive always enjoyed the tales games more for their multiplayer(played destiny 1 with my brother on ps1)

ff i only really enjoyed 7 and 10. And tactics
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User Info: gilv3r

4 years ago#38
jrpgs in general have not been good for a long time. Most seem to go the loli/anime route or just straight up suck. They dont make games like FF6 anymore :(
Demons Souls is the best JRPG evah!

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#39
If you are talking about the recent releases of both series, yes. The Tales of series sticks to its roots and tries to improve all the time, while the FF series tries to completely change with every new release, usually to the worse.

User Info: Annuvyn

4 years ago#40
Voted no. I prefer FF. Tales games have some merit but I have never really liked the combat.
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