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what 90's kid shows do you think would make great reboots on PS3/360/4/720?

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User Info: ConflictedX3

4 years ago#1
Alright it's been over 20 years since that generation began and a lot of stuff has changed but even some stuff from the 80's are still around like Transformers & X-Men due to changing and evolving with the times so i can up with this game for us to play:

Basically if you can think of any Kid shows from the 90s or even farther back, that you think would be awesome reboots on this current gen or next gen systems, list em here,even if they had game series before on older systems like the SNES or PS1

to play you'll first Rate the rebooted series about you 1 out 10, 10 being best & then, Tell us the show/series your rebooting, the reason why and the basic plot, and if you want you can add game experience (what you'll be tasked to do in the game) but Game experience doesn't need to be there, completely up to you.


I'll Start
Rebooted Series: Captain Planet (Rated T)

Reasoning: He was really overpowered if you think about it, he was a humanoid manifestation of the entire planet people lived nd thrived on and his only weakness was pollution.

Basic Plot: (i dont remember names so bear with me) between gradual rises in radiation, an increase in disease, lack of oil, global warming and many other rising issues in the world, A woman who oversees the earth, unseen by the public eye, Gathers a group of Life-Loving Kids and bestows them with magical rings & the heavy task of aiding a now ill Guardian who's been using his powers to reduce the earth's damages for the last 2 decades: Captain planet. Captain admits that at this point he's barely delaying the inevitable & Suggests a plan: that if he cannot restore his old powers, he has to gain new ones to ultimately save earth, thus he opts to be transported to every planet along with them in the solar system, so that he may find and fight his 7 Brothers that guard the other planets in trial combat, explaining that if one defeats the other in battle, they'll receive a portion of the loser's power (classic megaman style), but this is a desperation move as their father, The Captain of this Universe, decided it would be best if all the brothers had equal amounts of power to keep balance. This trial is now almost seen as taboo since the last Captain who tried this, Pluto, was casted out for trying to gain power in an attempt to overthrow their father & rule the universe a few years ago.

Game Experience: In this first installment, journey the worlds of Earth, Mercury, Venus & Mars playing as one of the several Kids (able to survive those planet's conditions thanks to their rings) meeting the local inhabitants of each planet and fighting against the threats the face along side or even against the other captain planets while trying to complete the trials to give Earth's Captain Planet the strength to save his home world, while being hunted by the Fallen Guardian of Pluto Along the way.

1 - Player
In-game ability to switch characters at will (captain planet can be used on special levels and be summoned on normal levels by any character when their RING Meter is atleast at the 50% charge mark)
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User Info: HappyFestivus

4 years ago#2
Mighty Max

because that's why.

User Info: Ajescent

4 years ago#3
I survived the Apocalyps3 and the Collaps3 and all I got was this lousy signature.
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User Info: BaseChouGoku

4 years ago#4
Genesic GaoGaiGar

User Info: DeathScythe_527

4 years ago#5
Samurai Jack.
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User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#6
Ajescent posted...

This is a great idea. They could even manifest this as the characters living in the system, much like the dreamcast ads.
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User Info: TheKnifeMonkey

4 years ago#7
Salute Your Shorts......just Salute Your Shorts.
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User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#8
Biker mice from Mars.
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User Info: ConflictedX3

4 years ago#9
^^ biker mice from mars would be awesome

That & VR Troopers
PSN ID: ConflictX3
Name: Conflict
Prince Shondronai 4 years ago#10
Captain N: The Game Mas...Oh...Never mind.
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