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Poll: Year you got your PS3

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User Info: sumostickfigure

4 years ago#11
I can't remember exactly when, but I picked my 60 GB fat PS3 when I heard the first models of PS3 were going to be phased out for the ones that play PS2 games using software emulation. I just hope it doesn't crap out on me any time soon, because I still like being able to go back and play PS2 games on the thing.
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User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#12
I got mine in late 2011. No real reason for the wait, besides money.
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User Info: Katon

4 years ago#13
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#14
2007.I gave my 60 gig to my brother when I bought my slim.
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User Info: Dicer7

4 years ago#15
2008. If it wasn't for MGS4 I might have gone with the 360 that year instead (even though I eventually did get a 360).

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#16

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#17

User Info: MageofBlood391

4 years ago#18
Why wasn't I allowed to get my launch PS3 in 2006?
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User Info: DeltaProj

4 years ago#19
2011 First non-Nintendo console I ever purchased.

User Info: salmonjam

4 years ago#20
2009, the day after Michael Jackson died. I was really bummed about his death and needed to cheer myself up so I got a PS3.
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