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You are now dressed as the last video game character you played as.

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User Info: ShadowBanjo

4 years ago#311
This is quite a Serious get up I have on. I wonder if this includes all the armor I picked up in Serious Sam HD.

Or all of the guns Sam somehow stuffs in his pockets.

Either way, at least I look relatively normal, except for the huge logo on my white T-Shirt, which makes me just look like a Serious Sam fanboy.

User Info: Akubarix

4 years ago#312
Octo-camo from MGS4... With a Solid Eye and Mosin. I believe I win the topic.
No matter where I stand, I'm alone.

User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#313
Ok,if I'm going to be dressed like Link from OoT,can I at least be adult Link so I have pants?
Kingdom Hearts 3! I knew there was a reason to keep watching! :D
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User Info: jon9090

4 years ago#314
HA get to wear the psychos outfit from BO 2
True or False Where's Waldo!?

User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#315
Snake's Tiger Stripe fatigues from Peace Walker. I don't mind this.
his comparison suggests we're closet african americans.
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User Info: superbabymario

4 years ago#316
Tony Hawk. :P
Currently Playing: Pokemon Colosseum (GCN), Pokemon FireRed (GBA), Resident Evil 5 (360), Sonic Adventure 2 (DC)
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User Info: redechidna16

4 years ago#317
Crono (chrono trigger). I can dig it
insert malarkey here

User Info: NepentheNeo

4 years ago#318
My Dovakiin. Ancient Shrouded Armour. I like red and black. I like leather. I like close-fitting clothes. Yay for me.

User Info: Blayne06

4 years ago#319
I am now dressed in a DEMONICA suit.

Welp, off to the Schwarzwelt I go.

User Info: frostedmini1337

4 years ago#320
Lady Hunk from Resident Evil Revelations. Yay! Not only am I a badass mercenary, but I also have boobs!
"My friend drove off the other day, now he's gone and all they say is you gotta live cause life goes on" J.A.R.
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  3. You are now dressed as the last video game character you played as.

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