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Who is the worst protagonist/main character of this gen?

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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#1
With this gen wrapping up lets look at the characters that truly made us despise their game more than we should have. With that being said.

My top 3 nominees are:

1. Conner from Assassins Creed 3 - He alone ruined most of the plot for me, why oh why did Ubi have to bench Haytham for this tool.
2. Snow from FFXIII - It's odd but i actually thought this guy was cool within 5 mins into the game, granted i was under the influence of mild levels of liquor, it only took me around 6 hours to think what the f*** is wrong with me.
3. Duke Nukem from DN:F - Seriously do i really have to explain why?

'Honorable' mentions are:

Kane and Lynch from Dog Days, Dante from DmC (Vergil also, i think i wanted Mundus to win), Ashley, Kaiden, Liara, Tali and Javik from ME3 and that blonde chick from UC2 and UC3 (f****** die already).

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#2
duke nukem? woah woah woah, he was still duke, he still said some funny stuff, its just the game sucked.

i vote the one muslim main character from journey and dante DmC

User Info: OmegaFlare18

4 years ago#3
wonder how many topics I can make with just that format

best/worst/disappointing/surprising "X" of this gen
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User Info: mr369248

4 years ago#4
Snow's not a main character, Lightning is

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#5
That dweeb from SOCOM 4.
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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#7
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User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#8
Thamauturge posted...

I'll second that.
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User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#9
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User Info: MetrosexualVaan

4 years ago#10
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