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I prefer linear games over open world games

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User Info: RockSauron

4 years ago#21
I prefer games like Zelda, or Darksiders, or the Arkham games.

Games where it's "open", but linear... of sorts.

Basically, I like open world games where you need to solve puzzles or platform in order to reach new areas. Just being able to walk in one direction continuously like Skyrim bores me.

And, of course, contained linear games can be fun if done right.
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User Info: glyde69

4 years ago#22
luigi13579 posted...
I probably do prefer linear games to open world games for the most part.

I like games that are somewhere in the middle the best though: games where you can explore, but can't just wander off in whatever direction you want. That includes the Deus Ex, Metroid and Zelda series.

I think one of the things I dislike about open world games is that level design tends to go out the window. You often have a massive open space with a bunch of landmarks plopped down. The level design only really comes into play when you're restricted to one particular area in the world (e.g. a building), because of the structure that is offered by that enclosed area.

The level design also suffers at the extremely linear end of the spectrum, due to you essentially being forced along a path.

I'd say that's the main reason why I like games somewhere in the middle. I like good level design in my games, and I feel it has more opportunity to shine when the games don't fall into the above traps that I mentioned.

My exact thoughts on this.
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