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Beyond Two Souls is "Unplayable" and bad according to IGN

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User Info: bh7812

4 years ago#61

Not looking good. Not looking good at all.


How about we wait for the final game to come out in October and see the final build for ourselves before posting this? Everything else is saying quite the opposite. But oh, that's right, gotta keep up the ol gamefaqs motto of posting whatever, in hopes of a ton of replies. Nothing like giving a game a fair chance and judging for yourselves. but so many would rather just believe these wannabe "professional" journalists and write off what looks like a really intriguing game. Ill be supporting it, thank you. You all cry for new IPs and new ideas..well here you go. Here's your chance to back that up and support something that looks like it really deserves the support.
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User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
4 years ago#62
Bestia_Somnia posted...
The original trailers looked interesting where Jodie was on the run from the military whilst being protected by an invisible alien force. The latest trailers killed all my interest in B2S. Jodie is suddenly a front-line soldier running through battlefields whilst singlehandedly taking out waves of armed soldiers without breaking a sweat through her mastery of CQC? What the hell happened to this game? How am I supposed to relate to one-woman army in any way?

The same way you relate to any non or super-human character. Emotional connections have the biggest impact on a player anyway.
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#63
I am still buying the game and besides,the game isn't even finished yet.
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User Info: GeassMaster

4 years ago#64
When I played it at e3 it was basically heavy rain with hidden quick time events. If you don't have half a brain it's hard to play. Doesn't make it fun though. You fail 2-3 quick time events and you die. I wasn't impressed since I wasn't really fond of Heavy Rain. But I wouldn't call the game Unplayable.

You don't actually shoot people in the game. Everything is done for you.
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User Info: CloneTheHero

4 years ago#65
MrMikeMa posted...
Heavy Rain was terrible as well, what were people expecting?

What are you smoking?
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  3. Beyond Two Souls is "Unplayable" and bad according to IGN

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