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What did this gaming related dream mean?.

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User Info: harcoreblazer

4 years ago#1
All i remember was some videogame that was like a crossover between Bioshock Infinite, Kingdom Hearts and Tales of Xillia, oddly this was before BI was out, KH3 was announced and ToX got his first trailer.

Maybe i can see the future????. Or maybe Half Life 3 was confirmed because it was 3 games.
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User Info: wigsplasher

4 years ago#2
It means you need to go outside
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User Info: cycledance

4 years ago#3
1) no one can see into the future
2) dreams don´t mean anything

User Info: Tyrant442001

4 years ago#4
It means your not doing enough drugs.
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User Info: Mad_Cauliflower

4 years ago#5
it means you think about games a hell of a lot
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  3. What did this gaming related dream mean?.

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