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This has been the best gen of gaming by far.

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User Info: Rolling_Stoned

4 years ago#31

Lol, that was funny! I guess your wife gave you a concussion if you truly believe that. This gen was nothing more than the same boring FPS recycled with one or two mechanic changes. Don't forget the sequels everywhere! Forget original IPs, pshhh, we can have nothing new and creative because this is the best gen of gaming!
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User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#32
Yggdrasille posted...
No, the previous gen (primarily PS2) was the best.
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User Info: grungastzenki

4 years ago#33
kel25 posted...
I consider this the worst generation since the Atari. Too many games are all flash and no substance not to mention all the crap that developers and publishers have pulled.

This. Actually is the 3rd worst gen, its still better than atari and nes era
Suprisingly this is the best gen for handheld though.

The best gen is a tie between PS2 and SNES era

User Info: KnightTanis2290

4 years ago#34
SNES-PS1. This gen saw the constant cloning of games with constant releases of the "same game" with new skins, horrid DLC practices, and alot of dropped support for games/unfinished games. Uncharted series, while a decent game, pretty much has been the same for all 3 releases in terms of it's overall gameplay elements, and it has been one of the most heralded PS3 game franchises.

SNES-PS1 had games of all genres, no matter what you liked, there was plenty of great games for you. Mario games, Zelda styled games, jrpgs, non-final fantasy jrpgs, action games, shooters both tps and fps, hack and slash, puzzlers, fighters, arcade styled games, etc. You could easilly find enough justification for a system if you even liked one genre.
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User Info: ShinXagura

4 years ago#35
Bellum_Sacrum posted...
Worst generation for gamers, and the next will be even worse.
Best generation for the gaming industry, and the next will be even better.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

4 years ago#36
disagree, the 16 bit gen was, is, and will always be the best.
when companies made competing videogames, not clones.
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User Info: TGAkuma

4 years ago#37
No. This gen is just a ton of sequels that play exactly the same. Its just getting boring. So boring that I been playing my ps1 and ps2.

User Info: stawg007

4 years ago#38
TehPwnzerer posted...
The PS2 had the greatest unparalleled library of games ever. This gen was stupid in comparison. Drop the syringe.

User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#39
DarkSymbiote posted...
No wonder your wife beats you.

^^^The TC deserves it just for the abnormal regional mentality. Funny story, i only remember buying regular RPGs, but that's because the regionally challenged don't define games for me personally.

That said, i don't think gaming has missed a beat over the generations. Games have gotten prettier but i haven't stopped having fun playing them like i did in previous generations.

No, the games sure haven't gotten worse ... but a % of the gaming population sure has. The regionally challenged, the "have it my way" gamers, the Veruca Salt "i want it now" people, and the backseat developers ... all of whom piss and moan like impotent jerks top the list of rejects.

Yes, these are the people you see on Gamefaqs on a daily basis and why i come here to remind myself how not to be a gamer.
Delusions are as necessary to happiness as realities.
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User Info: yahya_no_1

4 years ago#40
qlaxmicmizzel38 posted...
yahya_no_1 posted...
Of course when the PS3 Gen has DMC3, RE4, MGS3 and Shadow Of the colossus.....oh wait

Okay, the last gen had 4 good games. And about 500 games that were absolute crap. This gen has many amazing games and a lot less games that are just plain terrible.

I love how you say "his gen has many amazing games" but don't actually name them.

So lets see prev Gen had the 4 I mentioned+ ICO, ZoE 2, Tekken 5 and Tekken tag, Ninja Gaiden, GTA 3/VC/SA, LoZ TP, Smash Bros Melee, RE ReMake, suikoden 3, Onimusha series, RE OutBreak, Halo 1 and 2, Eternal Darkness, LoZ WW, Max Payne 1&2, DOA 2/U/3, Dark Cloud 1/2, DMC, MvC2, CvS2, WWE Smackdown 4/5,yakuza 1/2, God Hand, BurnOut 2/3, Persona 3/4, FFX, DBZ B 1/2/3, Metroid Prime 1/2, Sly 1/2/3, viewtiful joe 1/2, Killer 7 aaaaand thats just my list I can think ontop of my head

Can you give me your current list of good games this Gen? so far for me this Gen has like 6 at best AMAZING original games, everything else if FPS or milked from prev gen
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