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So what new things is Dynasty Warriors 8 bringing to the series?

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User Info: Ryder3185

4 years ago#11
Xx_King_Beef_xX posted...
Apparently they fixed the two biggest issues I had with DW7, which were lack of free mode and the fact that a lot of the characters played exactly the same because of the weapons system. I loved DW7, but those two issues really took out a lot of the fun. It looks like they are also adding co-op to the story mode too, which is going to be awesome.

i 100% agree. it was still fun having pang tong with the halberd lol but after awhile it did get old. ill probably pick up Dw8 when it comes out.
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User Info: ShinAkuma777

4 years ago#12
LordOfCinder posted...
Everyone will have their own moveset at last. This will be the first game in the series without any clone characters at all, and the game has what, over 80 characters now? That's 80 characters with unique movesets. Pretty much the definitive DW game up to date.

Haven't really read much about the features, but it's an improved version of DW7 for the most part. As an old time fan of the series and someone who skipped both DW6 and DW7, this is definitely the best time to come back to it, since I doubt there will be any new DW games for a while.

hmmm so unique movesets looks like this went from not interested to must buy the omission of unique sets in 7 did not sit well with me and as fun as destroying all of china with double axes i enjoy learning combos with each character
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User Info: Face_McShooty

4 years ago#13
Man I was pretty on the border about DW8. Started the series from 7 and played each game except 6 (and the empires/xtreme legends). 7 got the musou mode right but yeah, the lack of unique movesets really botched it for me.

Oddly enough DW7 was the first game I got when I got my ps3. And DW8 comes out right on my birthday so this must be destiny haha. Stoked that unique movesets are back but I'll probably wait for a sale.
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User Info: kanart

4 years ago#14
My biggest issue with DW are multiples re-releases with XL and Empires version. Koei should stop milking the series, especially since we are at the end of this gen and people are tired of this franchise.

User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#15
- All characters have their own unique moveset.

- There are 10 new characters and Zuo Ci has been re-added.

- Weapon affinity system, rock paper scissors style. If your weapon is weak to the enemy's type, you can use a special counter switch to slam everyone back and pull out a weapon that is neutral or strong to the enemy's weapon. If your weapon type is strong compared to the enemy's, you can use a special multi hit attack with right timing.

- Every kingdom has a story mode with alternate what if time lines and endings. This includes all other faction kingdoms as well.

- In every story mode battle, you can choose between 2-4 different officers. The battles are slightly different from each general's view point.

- You can now call and mount a horse while in motion to ride right away.

- Everyone has three mosou attacks now and a special mosou rage bar builds up during combat. You can use a special long combo musou attack when the bar is full. Air charge moves are also added back in.

- Aside from story mode and free mode, there is also a mode to build up a kingdom, you fight random battles until your castle is complete and the emperor visits you.

- Skill equipment system and weapon crafting system of the Warriors Orochi series are in this DW.

- This game runs on a new engine with better lighting and weather effects, dirt and damage from combat is visible on characters.
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User Info: Zangetsuga

4 years ago#16
You can mount your horse while you are running.
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User Info: jtrevor99

4 years ago#17
My first thought when I saw the topic title was...
the number 8.

Although since I haven't played any DW since DW5 for PS2, and this is likely to be the last DW for PS3, I am planning to buy this one. So I hope there is SOMETHING new in it.

I'd love to see the gold tokens (or, what I probably incorrectly referred to as "True Musous", aka Musou attacks far stronger than the standard) make a return, as well as 1-on-1 general duels in off-map arenas, but I think those were DW5- and DW3-only things.

User Info: PhaseSlaethe

4 years ago#18
A fix to 7. That is about it.

User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#19
jtrevor99 posted...
I'd love to see the gold tokens

Yeah those are back, it's the musou rage bar I mentioned.
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User Info: Strippin Heat

Strippin Heat
4 years ago#20
The most important addition to DW8: Zhang Chunhua
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