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Just tried the FF13 2 demo

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User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#1
I got dragged into a boss battle right away, fighting a hand -_- geez!! what a bad experience, I beat em without knowing what to do.

Now....I remember a while back playing an FF game where the battle mechanics is about trading hits and thats why I can never get into these JRPG games, not only the battling is horrifying but the characters look 14/15 years of age. I know to each is own but how can you enjoy this?

I read somewhere that FFXV is eliminating those fighting mechanics which = my first official FF game for the PS4. I saw some platforming action too and that sold me.
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User Info: iamtruth

4 years ago#2
Are you a defect clone?

User Info: Ghost_Beast

4 years ago#3
Yes, it takes a non-JRPG game to attract the non-JRPG gamers, while the fans of Final Fantasy end up getting screwed. But this is nothing new. Also, don't compare the XIII series with the old FF's. Oh and also, in my opinion, MGS4 sucked.
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