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Mass effect any good?

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User Info: HypnoG

4 years ago#1
At the GameStop on base and they have the trilogy for 60$, is it any good? Is it more RPG or more shooter? I prefer RPG
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User Info: koza

4 years ago#2
The series evolved from more RPG than shooter on ME1 to more shooter than RPG in ME3... Though I generally don't like shooter games - I really enjoyed all three tittles...
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#3
Mass Effect is an RPG. ME2 and 3 are shooters. I'd just download ME1 for $15 unless you like shooters too.
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User Info: dooms_day_432

4 years ago#4
Like you'll frequently hear, Mass effect 1 is more of an RPG with really clunky and dated-feeling shooting/combat mechanics. Those RPG mechanics are really heavily rooted into the experience though. Mass effect 2 stripped away a lot of the RPG elements and customization and instead heavily refined the gameplay in an effort to streamline the experience. Mass effect 3 further refined the combat added some more depth to the customization, feeling like an amped-up version of Mass Effect 2 in that sense. Mass effect 2 and 3 (2 especially) both feel like hybrids between a third-person shooter and RPG as opposed to a true action RPG.

Personally, I don't think you'll really be bothered by that if you get invested in the story and characters. Mass Effect 2 and 3 are two of my favorite video games of all time. If you have an active dislike for third-person shooters though, it's a little hard to recommend 2 and 3. Otherwise I highly recommend those games.
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4 years ago#5
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#6
LOLSPURS posted...
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That doesn't even rhyme.

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User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#7
Goes downhill after ME1
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User Info: kzooanimal

4 years ago#8
It depends what type of games you like, me1 focuses more on stat building and character development and while the combat isn't as fluid as some more recent shooters, i enjoyed it for what it was, (think of xcom mixed with gears of war) themako sections frustrated me, but that's really the only negative.
The second is definitely more action packed and continues the plot and expands on the mass effect lore (which, in my opinion is great)

Faster paced combat with more focus on cover shooting and shields and less emphasis on stats
The load times while navigating the normandy and ship to surface can be annoying but nothing gam breaking.
They removed the planet exploration for a probe minigame that harvest resources and occasionally you can board a ship, space station, etc
(I would recommend exploring all the characters back stories because if you) SPOILER

Survive to the 3rd game it does a great job wrapping up the plot.
The third game is the most action/shooter focused of the 3 but after playing the first and second you'll be able to transition nicely (this is coming from somebody that rarely plays 1st/3rd person shooters)
I enjoyed the 3rd because the plot advances and escalates quickly and keeps going strong until the very end,
The end caught a lot of flak, i would recommend downloading the free extended ending i (as you probably have figured out) love the mass effect universe, the characters and their stories, the plot (epic if not cliche space saga) the connections between all three games and the overall lore. I am a stickler when it cones to purchasing games (in the 3 + years of owning a ps3 i've purchased oblivion, fallout , metal gear solid 4, katamari forever, ico/sotc, the last of us and mass effect trilogy) and i thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy.
So after rambling to answer your original question, yes buy it and enjoy it

It comes with a large chunk of the dlc too which is nice, i would plan your character and stay consistent with moral choices (paragon/renegade) explore everything, talk to people and try to complete objectives as they appear because the game rewards you as you progress from one game to another.

User Info: Wildspark

4 years ago#9
I've only played te demo for mass effect 3 and I don't like it, but your opinion might be different.
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User Info: KojaxFX

4 years ago#10
I loved all 3 games, i really went all in and bought DLC for them too. They are all worthwhile and if you get into them you will want to replay through them. While they do have some flaws in them, I would have to say that they are best played all together back to back to back, to get the full thing out of it.
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