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What game series would you like to see a PREQUEL to?

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User Info: Raven_Cyarm

4 years ago#1
To put a spin on all the topics that ask "What series would you like continued?"... what series would you like to see more of the back story?
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User Info: SkiethXInnis

4 years ago#2
Legend of Dragoon
With the original dragoons before Dart and Co.

P.S: Keep that music in place when the you go to the menu to change your equipment! Downside: It can stop story progress lol
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User Info: bigtiggie23

4 years ago#3
I want to say Saint's Row. Get a chance to explore Stilwater of the 1960s. Of course the way the series is going that will be SR5, your gang of Shaundi, Pierce etc going back in time.
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User Info: Deimos259

4 years ago#4
Ken's Rage

Play as Kenshiro Kasumi
This is serious hee-ho, remember that.

User Info: King_Burnout

4 years ago#5

there's a lot of backstory to kiryu kazama that hasn't been explored.

User Info: Caldor

4 years ago#6
Fallout. Would love to see how bad they could make things say 5-10 years before 2077. I mean you can kinda sorta read stuff from back then in game but I think it would be way more fun to play through it.
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User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#7
Street Fighter Alpha Series, I want to play as a young Gen and Goutetsu at their prime.
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User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#8
Castlevania Sorrow series, i want to PLAY the final battle against Dracula with Julius Belmont.
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User Info: cyberkyber

4 years ago#9
Phantasy star

User Info: smerf1

4 years ago#10
The Last of Us. I wanna see that 20 years.
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