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As a hack and slash fan, should I get God of War 3, Saga, or Ascension?

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  3. As a hack and slash fan, should I get God of War 3, Saga, or Ascension?

User Info: SegavsCapcom

4 years ago#1
I like hack and slash games, and I think its time to get invested in the God of War series. Should I just get 3, try the prequel, or buy the entire Saga?
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User Info: slymshady

4 years ago#2
Saga and accession

User Info: djmaster1994

4 years ago#3
none they all sucks
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User Info: DaEEry

4 years ago#4
God of War 3 is in the God of War Saga so get Saga first and if you enjoyed the series buy Ascension afterwards.

User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#5
I heard 3 and the prequel was the best. But apparently 3 is not that great if you already played 1 and 2.
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User Info: nclrwntr

4 years ago#6
Ascension is by far the worst GoW game. CoO and GoS are even superior to it.

User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#7
Get the entire Saga, it's a pretty great deal.
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User Info: AssaultMonkey9

4 years ago#8
God of War 2 is the best, followed by either 3 or 1.

Only other decent game is Ghost of Sparta. The other PSP game isn't very good and Ascension is either the worst outright or worst because its the 6th game I played and the formula got stale.

Go with saga, I think. But any of the first 3 are fantastic
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User Info: epictetus1216

4 years ago#9
The entire Saga. It's hard to believe you're a hack n' slash fan but have yet to play any of the gems in this series. It doesn't get any better.

User Info: HeliosAscension

4 years ago#10
Ascension was absolutely terrible in comparison to every other GoW title.

Edit: oops, if I were in your shoes I'd get saga, but I bought 3, Collection and Origins so I'd have them all on disc.
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  3. As a hack and slash fan, should I get God of War 3, Saga, or Ascension?

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