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Oldest game you've played in the past year?

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User Info: _Mad_Hatter_

4 years ago#301
This year would be Mega Man X.
Would You Kindly.

User Info: Feli80city

4 years ago#302
Suikoden II from PS (1998)
Maze of Galios from MSX (1987)
I'm Game!

User Info: lovbbws

4 years ago#303
shark! shark! for intellivision from 1982

User Info: lovbbws

4 years ago#304
yoshi006 posted...
Ys Book I & II

Ys book 1 and 2 had great everything i thought :)

User Info: jtrevor99

4 years ago#305
InkSpell432 posted...
Tetris for Game Boy. I think it was a launch release.

Nice! Was it on an actual Game Boy?
I still have my original Game Boy packed it out 6 months ago to see if it still works. It did. Kind of makes me wonder what it would be worth nowadays.

User Info: md22mdrx

4 years ago#306
Zork Zero.

Sometimes you have to revisit ye olde infocom text adventure games!!!!

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User Info: Shy420

4 years ago#307
I just beat Wolfenstein 3d on the 360 it was the original does that count if I beat the original when it first came out.
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User Info: doopmans

4 years ago#308
it has to be metal gear on MSX ( the original)

User Info: n2daJ

4 years ago#309
I play a lot of SNES roms and I'm not sure which one came out first. Most likely one of the Mario games though.
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#310
System Shock 2
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