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what games are available as a novel?

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User Info: ChaoticInferno

4 years ago#21
Bioshock Rapture is set many years before the events of the first game. From around the 1940's when Ryan comes up with the idea of Rapture. The construction of Rapture and it's eventual downfall. It events of the book lead up to 1959. A year before the first game.

User Info: PhoenixML

4 years ago#22
I loved both Perfect Dark books.
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wolfgard hannusen 4 years ago#23
If you aren't familiar with Romance of the 3 Kingdoms it's the book from which all the Dynasty Warriors came from.
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User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#24
Planescape Torment, the GOG digital version comes with a PDF novelization. It tells the story through the perspective of a neutral character. It's very much true to the game.
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