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Do PS3 fans here respect other peoples tastes in games and opinions?

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User Info: Marnex15

4 years ago#11
Not if they incessantly feel the need to shove down their opinions down everyone's throat all the time like a lot of people on this board love to do.

User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#12
This is tough to answer for two reasons...

1) Some people abuse the anonymity open video game forums give them.
2) Some people create topics and posts without considering the other people who visit this site.

From what i read here on a daily basis this place is more like a pulpit for agendas than a place to reasonably discuss video games. I find it to be a great place to be reminded how not to be a gamer to be honest.

My favorite example is the regionalization of games. If people want to believe it's necessary to care what region a game comes from more power to them, however if they choose to bring that to a game forum where they know people don't believe it's a necessity then who is the first to show a lack of respect for their fellow gamer? The person who created said issue by making the topic.

The old saying goes "if you want respect you earn it". You can't just assume you deserve it, and if you can read posts properly you can tell who cares about respect and who don't.
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User Info: superbowl54

4 years ago#13
servb0ts posted...
I do as long as they're not trolling like hating on a game they never played an already assuming its this or that.

If they like a game more power to them, but when they try to say my opinions wrong is when my respect is gone.
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User Info: BaneDragon

4 years ago#14
My opinion is the word of God.
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User Info: LeJonGriff

4 years ago#15
These poll results are a lie. I simply have to post a TLOU topic, and there'll be flaming on both sides.
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User Info: Bleachfreak7

4 years ago#16
I thought it was asking if people on the board in general respected the opinions of others so I put no. Woops.
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#17
Most of the time. I find elitism quite an annoying trait, but sometime I'm in a cranky mood and start to act like a damn elitist myself. I really hate that part of myself.
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User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

4 years ago#18
Either "No" or "Rarely" should be the correct answer, and for one reason only:

"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?"
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User Info: juzzieb

4 years ago#19
Where is the option for "only if they seem to have a clue"? I think opinions are very unnecessary when discussing what score should be given on each game, reviewing a game should be based on what the package offers rather than whether it fits someone's own personal taste or not.

I am always open to an opinion that goes against my own. But only if it supplies good reasoning.

To be fair, I pretend to respect anybodies opinions unless they start acting like a turd, whether I really do or not is another story though.

User Info: LeJonGriff

4 years ago#20
Bane_Of_Despair posted...
Either "No" or "Rarely" should be the correct answer, and for one reason only:


Or TLOU...
Grundy wants pants too...
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