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Trophies - One of the worst things this gen

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User Info: Masahiro_Fuji

4 years ago#41
Didn't they add an option to turn trophy notifications off? Well, that really isn't the point I guess, but trophies aren't bad if they are implemented properly, which means I don't want to be forced to win 100 online matches to get a simple bronze trophy. That is not doing it right.

Also, hidden trophies are B.S. as well.

User Info: Thor61

4 years ago#42
I've never replayed games for trophies or forced myself to finish a game for a trophy. They'll all become irrelevant by the time the PS4 comes out anyway.

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#43
trophies rule.

User Info: KCJ5062

4 years ago#44
It's really astounding how much hate some people have for something they can just simply ignore if they aren't interested.

User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 years ago#45
But I'm starting to think differently about them for next gen perhaps. I just made $3.50 off Trading Cards during the Steam Sale last week. That was $3.50 for nothing, digital cards that only exist because I purchased and played a game which I was going to do anyways. When we can start selling trophies to desperate rich kids I'm gonna be a millionaire!

User Info: zzamaro

4 years ago#46
Even with being able to turn them off, people still complain.
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User Info: CrimsonGear80

4 years ago#47
Anything you guys say is the "worst" when it comes to video games can be IGNORED if you don't like it.

Video games are a luxury.
Glad DmC shipped a million copies and was a success. Supporting risk-takers and change is how the industry grows.

User Info: LeadPipeCinche

4 years ago#48
kel25 posted...

Best of all trophies are a record of the things you've done. I would have loved this when I was a little kid when I told my friends I beat a notoriously hard game and they didn't believe me. Now I have proof of it.


BINGO...this guy gets it.
that's a answer right out of the 70s / 80s when youd be at school and you and your friends would be talking bout what they did game wise.
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