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It's sad how today's games are and people going for PS1/PS2 classics

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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#91
spectermaster14 posted...
If you mention good games from this gen, people will just post "lol" a lot and pretend they're bad. The only way to win this argument is to not argue.

Also a good point. I've noticed people this generation tend to stop saying "I don't like that game" and tend to instead say "that game is a bad game," usually followed by "people who buy that game are why (insert terrible things here.)"
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User Info: cminc

4 years ago#92
This generation has been awesome. Think about all the licensed games that have come out and not sucked for once. That alone and by itself is pretty cool. We got two very solid batman titles with another on the way, Cool transformers games, some star wars, very nice efforts for spiderman, probably the greatest wolverine game we'll ever get and on and on and on.

That's not even getting into branched, customizable characters and storylines ala mass effect and saints row 3 type stuff. Or the depth and attention to detail in things like gta4 and 5. Open worlds with lots of possibilities in oblivion and skyrim kick the crap out of almost every other fantasy. rpg series and for as tired as we are of them at this point, shooters and online play in general have finally been pretty much perfected.

We've seen dlc grow from horse armor to entire new single player campaigns in a few cases, and even as some companies are going overboard with it, the vast majority of it adds up to be pretty cool stuff we may not have had the chance to get in past gens because it didnt warrant releasing another game for.

PS1 games are cool, and there's of course nothing wrong with the ps2 library, either, but, c'mon, man. There's really almost no favorable comparison to be made when stacking last gens games up against this ones...Unless we're really talking about how much capcom and square suck now. Then, by all means, preach on.

User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#93
yeah, most of those crappy games are coming from Japan.
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User Info: _Perfectionist

4 years ago#94
lanmanna posted...
Nostalgia makes you forget about all the terrible games from each gen. People will be saying the same kind of stuff when the PS4/One come out.

"Bawwwww. PS3/360/Wii games were sooooo much better!"

Well, day 1 PS4 games are already mostly shooters. From Warframe to Killzone to Battlefield to CoD and I could go on and on. Not that I have a big problem with it but more diversity is good.

User Info: VandorLee

4 years ago#95
Just my 2 cents concerning DMC series:

-I think the first one is the best. Its just feels that way and you remember that when it came out it was so hyped and seemed to meet the hype as well

-Despite understanding the complaints of DMC2 i still enjoy it. Im not even saying its good, just that i enjoy it. It at least felt really different and i liked it before understanding its bad so i still just remember enjoying it when i play it.

-3 felt like they forced as much of the first as they could. This IS good but now it doesnt feel fresh and original so i still prefer the first.

-Same here. Its good but i feel they feel they must stick to a certain structure and gameplay for fans so it still feels like one, which is good, but doesnt feel new and exciting.

-I Honestly have no interest in DmC. I just dont care in the least to even try it.
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User Info: wellington

4 years ago#96
TheCap posted...
Game developers are trying to make games look nice instead of playing well.

calling all chess fans

User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#97
wellington posted...
TheCap posted...
Game developers are trying to make games look nice instead of playing well.


or most around here only follow a miniscule amount of super hyped popular AAA games, where the focus is to appeal to the most amount of ppl by focusing on amazing graphics easablity etc etc think they know and experienced everything then come to silly conclusions like the above lol

Kinda scary and worrisome a site purely dedicted to gaming is filled with such ignorance and inexperience with the vast majorty of the consoles library and to this day only talk about so few games of course those being the same few super popular games.

Prhaps if some of you payed attention to the hundreds upon hundreds of games that may not be super hyped, oerhaps pay or try a game first before bashing it cause it doesn't have tons of hype or amazing graphics etc etc a lot of you will start seeing just how many awesome games have come out this gen....

Ironic thing is around here if a game doesn't have amazing graphics a lot of you will jump on it and tear it apart and bash it or simply ignore it without playing it cause it may not look know like tons of other game many bash around here without playing it lol..
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#98
the_great_tidus posted...
The main thing that happened are shooters are too abundant and JRPGs are fewer. SNES, ps1, and ps2 were al lgreat because of the great variety and creativity.

ps3 has some gems but alot of the multi plat stuff is shooters and you have generic games like Killzone.

Well, some of us realize it's not only the games that are the problem. The regionally challenged and the abnormal regional mentality didn't exist 10-15 years ago. That is now a part of the problem as well. Let's not forget that unless specified games aren't developed for specific groups of people. They are for anyone to choose to purchase.

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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
4 years ago#99
Shineboxer posted...
yeah, most of those crappy games are coming from Japan.

nope and most of the crappy games that are coming from Japan are only crappy because they are being westernized
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User Info: haexpane

4 years ago#100
No, and no.

The best games out of japan in the past few years have been Dragon's Dogma and Demons/Dark Souls.

Both games had ugly, low rent graphics and focused more on gameplay than story or flashy visuals.

The west and east both have plenty of garbage games, from any era.
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