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Why suddenly Hitman Absolution is the worst in the series?

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User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#41
ATTACK__CAT posted...
But in the ending of Blood Money Diana states that...

No it doesn't. I even just rewatched it. It has diana in an office on a phone saying 'he is nowhere to be found, your majesty'. then it has 47 at a shop of some sort asking to see 'whats in the back'.

Neither of these are about the agency, nor do they say it was reformed.

FYI it was a reference to the fact the agencies logo was based off of MI6 (an intelligence agency), which reports to the Queen (of England). reporting to your her the only other survivor of your organisation is 'nowhere to be found' is a long way from 'we are reforming'... a long long way, especially as FYI the Queen oversees LITERALLY dozens of organisations

She actually doesn't have any real role in forming such agencies, they report to her as WELL as the government as a formality.

Watch it again. The part before she says 47 is missing. She clearly states almost all of their resources are online again. Absolution retconned nothing.

User Info: ATTACK__CAT

4 years ago#42
^So she does, my mistake. I blame the sound on youtube, had to crank my tv to 40 (15 is my normal, 20 is loud).

either way I still stand by the fact the whole lot is garbage on the basis of:

1. diana wouldn't betray the agency without contacting 47. Its her job to contact him, and had done it covertly at least once before (and iirc doesn't she say no one else knows when she does the airplane thing at the end of contracts, due to the 'bag guys' in blood money being exactly the guys you don't want to come after you)
2. her reason is one 47 would almost certainly sympathise with.
3. look at hitman 2 and all that 47 does for the priest. I don't believe for a second he wouldn't do the same for Diana, especially with the events of blood money. He owes her his life, and she risked a LOT sticking with him to the end (despite bad guys killing everyone else).

which brings me to finally to the most stupid thing: despite her being unarmed (naked) he shoots her THEN asks why, only to then agree with her reason.

47 isn't stupid. She is an unarmed trusted friend, he would of asked why BEFORE shooting her. He'd of known she must of had a reason, and he knows her more than well enough to know it must of been a damn good one.

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#43
shawnmck posted...
Bat178 posted...
Too much action and forced fighting, not enough stealth.

^ You can go stealth the entire is that not enough stealth ?

Basically the game gives the player the option to play however they want...go stealthy, guns blazing, or anywhere in between.

If you are not finding enough stealth in the game, then it's because you are choosing to not take advantage of it.

When i used stealth, my scores were rather low, then i tried the missions again with just going up to most targets and simply shoot them or shoot them from further away and guess what? I easily beat my stealth scores which took about 10 times more work. Why do i get punished for using stealth and try remain undetected and why do i get rewarded for playing this as a third person shooter? So either the developers want us to play this game as a generic tps or the score system is a broken mess, the weapons are way to overpowered and the stealth is way underpowered.

User Info: Worm199

4 years ago#44
I have played all the Hitman games and I think it goes something like this:

Blood Money > Hitman 2 > Contracts > Absolution > Hitman: Codename 47
''Wisest is he who knows, that he knows nothing'' - Socrates
I would like to change that to ''Wisest is the wrestling fan who knows nothing beforehand''

User Info: akuma634

4 years ago#45
I didn't play much of it. To me Hitman 2 was the worst. A big problem with that game were a lot of the really bad changes from Codename 47 like the simple act of running gets you shot and killed. So yeah, logically how do these bodyguards explain to the police why there are hundreds of dead mailmen on their property just because they walked too fast or didn't know where to go on the property? The whole game was annoying like that. The whole series was full of deep flaws but I admired the original game the most for being the most ambitious game of the series, it's like they wanted to make a current gen game in the year 2000 but they crammed in as much as they could an insane attention to detail despite very limited hardware.

User Info: Nightmare966

4 years ago#46
Absolution did completely change the core of the Hitman series, to me. After playing the Trilogy in expectation to that one (PS Plus), and specially, Blood Money... That was not precisely what I was expecting.
PSN: Nightmare966
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