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People who pre-order/spend $60 on games this gen are suckers.

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User Info: likematches

4 years ago#51
I remember Bust a Move 2 for the N64 was $70 in 1997

Glover for the N64 was around $60-$70

User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#52
JiZamez posted...
That is some of the stupidest logic you can possibly use in this topic. First off, I never said anything about previous gens. I specifically said THIS gen.

If that's going to be your response, then you completely missed the point. $60 back in 1993 wasn't the same as spending $60 now. People were willing to spend more of the percentage of their paycheck then someone today.
You're lumping anyone that complains about the prices, with everyone who pays $60, and then mouthing off about them. Sorry, but that's just rude, and completely inaccurate. If it's a game I want when it comes out, then I'll pay full price for it. I decide for myself if I want it then, later, or if I want to wait for a "full" version. I'm not one of these people who sees DLC and instantly flips out with exaggerations of it being removed from the game to sell back to us.
Take your accusations of "stupid logic" and kindly throw them out of the topic. If you're just going to attack, then don't even reply. This topic shouldn't have even stayed around as long as it did anyways.
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User Info: WrestlinFan

4 years ago#53
ReaperCloud posted...
Today's games are rushed, short...or have that "Been there, done that" feel to them. I used to buy games for full price during the PS1/PS2 days, since they felt original...or in the case of a sequel, changed things up a bit instead of the same old crap. Back then I wanted to support the companies behind the games.


You can say a select few games/series this gen are rushed/short/unoriginal etc, but to say that about "today's games" is ludicrous. And funny you mention the PS2 days, WWII shooters anyone?
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User Info: ab2c4

4 years ago#54
The reason I don't pre order games (or buy them on day one) is because just about all companies release their games either unfinished or with lots of problems, and their mentality is "we can patch it later after it releases". May as well wait to buy a game until it is on sale or drops in price, by then it's usually fully patched and is as good as it's ever going to get.

User Info: jordyboy1000

4 years ago#55
The only reason game developers make profit is when they sell a lot near release.
Therefore if everyone waited for games to go down in price and nobody bought them first day, all gaming companies would go bankrupt and there would be no games to buy.
So you're insulting the people that are actually contribute to keeping the games industry alive.
Good job!
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User Info: DJ_0000

4 years ago#56
Nope, not really. I pay release price for most of the games I buy because:

1. I don't buy that many games over the course of the year anyway, I only buy the ones that look really good to me and if I'm unsure I will wait.
2. I do my research into a game before buying and make my decision whether it looks worth the price
3. I don't feel the need to obsessively purchase every DLC released just because it's there, I only buy the ones that are worth it. Likewise I'm not one of those silly people who think all DLC is ripped from the game and sold separately.

Those with a discerning eye will end up only getting games with enough quality to justify the price.
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User Info: bad3ip420

4 years ago#57
Last time I checked, It is up to my decision alone how to spend my money. I may not be filthy rich but I have extra bucks to spend for my pastime. No one has the authority to question my financial decisions unless they are the one paying for it.

TC, please learn to mind your own business as it will ease a lot of burden off your puny mind.

Oh, and I also like to support devs who truly deserves my money.
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User Info: TomoEK9

4 years ago#58
i throw my money where I feel it belongs. If I REALLY want a game, then I pre-order and get it day one. If its something I am interested in but not super crazy for, I wait.

Not to mention, not all games get a GOTY or ultimate bundle.

User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#59
The real suckers are those who buy the Costume DLC, those paid for weapons, and paying for cheats. Those who spend $60 on a game are just paying to get a really good game early. Considering some people play games a lot for online, being able to play a game while everyone is learning it is kind of more fun. Especially when you play a online RPG.

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

4 years ago#60
JiZamez posted...
Considering how fast games get price drops, boatloads of paid dlc, a "complete edition" not long after and so on, it's just funny how people still complain about getting nickle and dimed after paying full price for a game. People just like playing follow the leader or just hate being left out of some sort of "gaming trend" that makes them feel uncool if they don't own it themselves.

The only times that $60 purchases are justified is when you can get some kind of pre-order bonus that can be sold to cover some of the price. Did that with a few amazon pre-orders, people always end up rushing ebay after kicking themselves for missing out on some sort of stupid bonus (i.e. FF13-2's dlc bosses).

I wouldn't call them suckers, some of us are just willing to pay full price in order to play the game on day one. I understood when I bought Skyrim on release day that there would probably be a complete edition and that if I waited I'd save money.

That's always the case with early adoption of anything, you pay more in order to get something first. Some people are willing to do that, others aren't, but by referring to the people that are as "suckers" you're making it seem like your preference to wait or look for a lower price is better than someone else's preference to purchase day one and enjoy the game as soon as possible, which is ridiculous. They're just two different preferences, one isn't better than the other.
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