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I think video game journalism -> is to blame for console wars

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  3. I think video game journalism -> is to blame for console wars

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#1
You do know everyone has their own interest right?

Some people like sports games - But hate JRPGs
Some people like shooting games - But hate fighting games
Some people like mario games - But hate WRPGs
Some people like nintendo - But hate Microsoft
Some people like all games - But some people hate video games

However in the last few years theres been alot hate and fanboysm in video
game media, more focused than before.
All these anti-japanese games coming from western media is not positive
for either side.....
And I think it stirs console wars,
Look at how western media bashes most japanese games to the point
developers like Fez completely trash them up to using racist speech.

So in a friendly way:
- What do u dislike - And what do you like?


User Info: Dicer7

4 years ago#2
Fanboyism exists everywhere. It's just a stupid part of human nature. Hell it's even worse in sports sometimes.

User Info: LeJonGriff

4 years ago#3
The only way to end this pointless war is to gain control, and destroy the system(s).
No matter what... Within my heart, Mr. Ando will always be a penguin. Humans don't say "peng peng".

User Info: Raeng

4 years ago#4
Doubtful. There were consolewars even where I lived between the SNES and Genesis and we didn't have access to any form of gaming magazine outside of PC-gamer, the then rising Power Unlimited Magazine and the 40 bucks (due to import) Nintendo Power.

And none of us even bought those things, didn't stop us from beating up kids for not liking what we liked.
PSN: Royta15
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  3. I think video game journalism -> is to blame for console wars

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