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I am Tired of being the Hero in Games today

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User Info: HangJebat83

3 years ago#41

That Sith ending.
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User Info: carlosmuniz20

3 years ago#42
whatnow12012 posted...
Me, My biggest gripe in gaming since I been gaming since 1982 is 1 DEAL, WE ARE ALWAYS THE HERO, The Goody Goody Good Guy, saving the world, universre or damsel in distress.

I am tired of the same ole same ole, I feel like Ground Hog Day or in a Parodox never ending Loop, this is why games are getting STALE, Redudant.

My idea is Playing as a Anti-Hero, The Bad Guy or Woman, you dont SAVE THE WORLD, YOU DESTORY THE WORLD or Leave it in RUINS, you dont Save the Damsel YOU TAKE HER.

Batman is the only game where it is an ANTI-HERO, He is a Loner, He Doesnt Make Friends But we NEED MORE. Think, Imagine an RPG or JRPG not being like Dragon Age 3 where you Save the World From Itself think What if you Destroy the World YOURSELF.

It is always the Good Guys saving the world, Bad Guys being Arrogant, Stupid like in SR IV where they Create the VR World BUT THE DIDNT USE THEMSELF.

Imagine a ANTI-Hero or Bad Guy or woman that was Cold, Caculating Ruthless NOT STUPID, Using Traits from Many Bad Guys making the ULTIMATE ANTI-HERO.

I think it would be Super Awesome being in an RPG or JRPG you dont Save people YOU DESTROY THEM, You dont Save the Damsel You TAKE HER. You Get my point.

Imagine a Mass Effect or Dragon Age you arent the Good Guy you are ANTI-HERO you dont SOLVE PROMBLEMS YOU CREATE THEM.

It is Time to think OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Play the last of us without being the the typical bad guy you'll be the bad guy
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User Info: Bloodlines1191

3 years ago#43
Raeng posted...
Play Spec Ops The Line. It's pretty much a criticism about how we always have this hero-fantasy and how it's just sad..

If you like that. Also try MGS2 which is a VERY harsh deconstruction of gaming as a whole. Not just protagonists....and then Kojima wanted Raiden to be liked so he made him a Cyborg Ninja.

HangJebat83 posted...

That Sith ending.

Hell that entire second game was pretty much "Become The Chessmaster (if you want to)."
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User Info: timyadeadhomie

3 years ago#44
TC needs to play Prototype.
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