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why is tomb raiders tradein value so f***in little?

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  3. why is tomb raiders tradein value so f***in little?

User Info: Fryedaddy4

4 years ago#11
It only sells for about $20 on eBay.

User Info: adonfraz

4 years ago#12
It's been $20 new a gazillion (actually like three) times in the past month.
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User Info: coolsurfer800

4 years ago#13
I bought it for $20 new on amazon last week.
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User Info: -GLICE-

4 years ago#14
Games that are like all the other generic games this gen, they lose their appeal fast. They're one and done games. Most games have cover shooting these days, and people can get that from almost any game, so why would they need Tomb Raider 2013? Tomb Raider 2013 isn't unique and so it dropped in price super quick. I may pick it up for a Redbox Rental if I can ever find it in my area.
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#15
Because you can buy the game bran new for $30 bucks now.
Gamestop CAN'T re-sale it for too much, so they have to order a lower trade-in value.

And if you don't like it, then DON'T go there.

User Info: HouseOfBlades

4 years ago#16
If it isn't a newly released game you're not getting much, anytime I trade in at Gamestop I always check what it's going for on Amazon, it's pretty much the same price... I love how people think they'll get over 30 bucks for a used up scratched game. Me I traded in Tales of Xillia a week ago, got 34 bucks, got my CE of GTA IV paid off completely on games I'll never play anymore. Come to think of it I'll never have to pay for anything till Assassin's Creed IV comes out. Maybe you should buy a better brain and plan when it's time to sell a game, and not hold onto it forever.

My best advice, start stealing everyone's Black Ops 2 games while you can before the release of Ghost makes it 10 bucks. Lolololol.

User Info: PistolPete777

4 years ago#17
Because it sold millions of copies. Obvious?

User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#18
that's pretty good, earlier today I saw a guy saying he bought TR for $10

Edit: damn he said 10 pounds not dollars, still 12 is pretty good since it's possible to get it for $20 new.
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VindictivePacifist 4 years ago#19
You should have traded it in during one of Best Buy's 100% credit weeks. $25

User Info: kel25

4 years ago#20
They offer less money for it because a lot of people traded it in. It happens with all games that are not very good.
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