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What's the Greatest Third Person Shooter of all-time?

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User Info: lebronwadebosh

4 years ago#1
What's the Greatest Third Person Shooter of all-time? - Results (436 votes)
Gears of War
5.96% (26 votes)
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
15.6% (68 votes)
Resident Evil 4
20.87% (91 votes)
The Last of Us
9.86% (43 votes)
Max Payne
4.36% (19 votes)
Mass Effect 2
12.16% (53 votes)
10.78% (47 votes)
Dead Space
2.98% (13 votes)
17.43% (76 votes)
This poll is now closed.
so ?

RE4 definitely

it popularized and revolutionized the genre .
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User Info: ItalianIdiot

4 years ago#2
Dat RE4, it had it all.

User Info: John_Hawkwood

4 years ago#3
Hard choice for me, as I like them all, except ME 2 (didn't play), but I voted for Vanquish. Just the over the top frenetic pace of the game is something I love.

User Info: boxington

4 years ago#4
Max Payne 3

User Info: gamestop27

4 years ago#5
For me it's between Vanquish and Lost Planet 2.
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User Info: kylemcauliffe15

4 years ago#6
I haven't played every one of all time so I can't say.
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User Info: OfficerTJHooka

4 years ago#7
Socom 2


User Info: Dorami

4 years ago#8
Metal Slug X
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User Info: Annin22

4 years ago#9
Some pretty good choices there but I am going to have to say Contra. Call it nostalgia but I still remember it kicking my butt as a kid, and I loved it.
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User Info: kuter

4 years ago#10
Other : Metal Gear Online
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