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What was your first RPG and your favorite one ?

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User Info: BruceLee1974

4 years ago#1
I think my first one was Final Fantasy 7 and never played another one until playing SKIES OF ARCADIA on the Dreamcast.

This is definitely my favorite one and I am wondering why Sega hasn't made a number 2 to this great game. It's crazy considering how many Final Fantasies have been made since Skies of Arcadia first came out.

No wonder why Sega went broke, they just make so many bad gaming choices. Why would they leave such a great game for so many years without a sequel.

I got to admit I'm not much of a RPG person but enjoyed SOA. Anyway, what is your first and favorite RPG's ?

User Info: Troutfisch

4 years ago#2
First: Pokemon Blue

Favorite: Dragon's Dogma
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User Info: bigdaddyjug

4 years ago#3
First: Final Fantasy IV on the SNES (when us Yankees called it Final Fantasy II)

Favorite: Final Fantasy XII
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User Info: ramseanGoodbye

4 years ago#4
first: FFVII

favourite: Xenoblade or Mass Effect

User Info: Neonwarrior1243

4 years ago#5
First/Favorite: Legend of Legaia

User Info: ComfortablySad

4 years ago#6
First - Dragon Warrior on NES
Favorite - Final Fantasy 7
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User Info: AssassinDX

4 years ago#7
First: Secret of Mana

Favourite: Final Fantasy VII

User Info: Godly_Goof

4 years ago#8
First: FF1 (NES)
Favorite: Ar Tonelico 2 Melody of Metafalica
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User Info: Willie_Makeit

4 years ago#9
My first: the original Dragon Warrior

My favorite: Undecided.

User Info: Spurner

4 years ago#10
First: Pool of Radiance

Favorite: FFT

Edit: Wait, what the hell am I thinking? My first was the original Wizardry.
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  3. What was your first RPG and your favorite one ?

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