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Think it's safe to say Mighty No 9 is coming to PS3

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User Info: mmpepsi

3 years ago#41
Trigger Zero posted...
mmpepsi posted...
It's money they would never get, it's irrelevant. $10/copy is the most Capcom would get from a new Mega Man game unless they decided to push their luck and try to get $15. There is no way for them to get more than that. I don't know why that's so hard to understand.

The only thing Capcom could look at that would affect them is the number of backers.

I don't understand how backers translates into actual purchases. It's the same logic that killed Legends 3. I am also one of those people who has not invested in the game's development but will purchase it upon release. I do agree with two points: that Megaman did not innovate and its market stagnated.

I do feel that the brand can be reinvigorated. Perhaps it's what Mighty No. 9 will do.

It's because the vast majority of the backers are getting a copy of the game. That's pretty much a sale right there.

User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
3 years ago#42
The thing that people like mmpepsi don't understand about Kickstarter is that all they money they get from backers on Kickstarter is almost no strings attached. So, unlike when getting money from a publisher. There is no one to pay back. They may lose out on a few sales, but, they are actually making nearly 100% profit on each copy sold.

Hell, most video game developers don't see a dime of money from sales until the publishers are paid back in full. Where with kickstarter, you simply give them a copy of the game. Or maybe a t-shirt or art book. But, those items are always factored into the tier amounts. You pay $100 dollars and you get a 10 dollar T-Shirt and 15 dollar game. So they still get a good chunk of the money.

Also, Kickstarter is just getting started. Most people I know don't even know what it is. And the ones that do don't use it. I asked 10 people at work who all love Mega Man if they had heard about Mighty No 9 on Kickstarter. 1 of them backed it, 6 of them had never heard of kickstarter, and the other 3 knew what kickstarter was but never use it.

ALL OF THEM said that they would buy a copy of Mighty No 9 when it was released when I explained what it was. So obviously, there are many more people who will buy games like this after they are released.

Though I do agree with mmpepsi that I really don't think that Capcom is too worried about 2 million dollars. For a game budget nowadays that is incredibly small. Right around the budget of an XBLA or PSN game.
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User Info: gamewarrior88

3 years ago#43
Now over 1.9 million...less than 300k to console versions!

New update has been added to the site as well. New stretchgoals have been identified...including one that includes next-gen console versions for PS4 and XBOX ONE!

Check them all here:
Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune has a new project, "Mighty no. 9". Find out more here:

User Info: RyuuHou25

3 years ago#44
Going to hit the 2 million mark here, probably within the next day or two. Backers are almost at 35,000.
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User Info: servb0ts

3 years ago#45
Very excited about this. :)
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