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About today's poll...

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User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#11
Junpei_Stupei posted...
I LOVE Today's Poll.

The world is learning.

Japanese games are the way to go.


no they still suck unless hideo made them.
PSN jrr101

User Info: Seanirl

4 years ago#12
Junpei_Stupei posted...
Japanese games are the way to go.

Lolconsole, TBQH >_>
"There's only one thing punks like that understand: squealing. You've got to squeal to every teacher and every grown-up you can find." - Homer Simpson

User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#13
Dentalflossbush posted...
After the troll-job on the entire character battle, I am no longer surprised by anything I see on Gamefaq

I agree with the trollness and its about time Gfaqs stopped the yearly character battle contest, its a joke now.


16449, not interested
1034, 1827, 3280 = 6141 owners
11216, will get it soon.

17357 > 16449
"Alot of XBOX refugees pouring in lately." - PS1 Patriot
"PLAY at your own risk"

User Info: Alcogod

4 years ago#14
Owning it eventually does not mean "in the same day". Just like me, i will get it eventually in about 6 months or so after ive been through my backlog and its decreased in price.
We dont need reality
English...not european.
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