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PS3 owners: What is your age, gen you started gaming, and will you continue?

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User Info: nayr626

3 years ago#1
I'm just a little curious of the PS3 demographic.

Age: 21.

When I started gaming: My brother had an old genesis as a kid, but I didn't really start gaming until the PS1/PS2 gen. I got the PS1 fairly late in its cycle, but a lot of my fond memories of gaming come from the PS2.

Will I continue? I'll probably buy the PS4 when it drops in price or when KHIII release. I'm having trouble finding time for gaming recently, but I still do enjoy it when I get to play. Infamous: Second Son is the only title that really catches my interest near launch.

How about you?
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User Info: wayshin

3 years ago#2
28, started around age 4-5 with the NES, and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Even with a job, wife and kids, I still play games about an hour or two most days. I plan on buying a PS4 within six months.

User Info: locustactivist

3 years ago#3
I'm 24, and I started gaming way back when I was 4 on a nes that my uncle gave me. now as for will I continue yes but I will not get a ps4 for a long time till really decent games come out that are of my taste I only own a few games for my ps3 like ff online, or uncharted. There are not a lot of good games in my opinion. So I will be getting a ps4 way after launch in my opinion I'm all about xbox especially since all my friends play it and there are always games I really want on it. I mean yea the ps4 is pretty bad ass but if it can't put out awesome games more than just uncharted and kill zone I won't buy it.
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User Info: arstos

3 years ago#4

started with colecovision/atari

and i'll be playing games till i die or am physically unable.

User Info: darkness1018

3 years ago#5
29, I started when I was about 8 or 9 with the SNES. I've had almost every system to come since then, yes I will continue.
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User Info: true_gamer80

3 years ago#6
33 started when I was 4, babysitter would sit me in front of her pong system(forget which lame version it was lol) My mom noticed how much I enjoyed playing got me an Atari and things took off from there, next and lucky for me nes was next and pretty soon, pretty much was my father and babysitter and what really started my passion for gaming going bigtime lol

Gamer for life, its just getting better and better, even if I wanted to I couldn't just stop, it is and has for as long as I can remember been a part of my life also helped me through my injury from the army
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User Info: Warhawk

3 years ago#7
Age: 29
Generation I started on: Started in 1991 but on the NES
Will I Continue: I hope to keep going into the next generation
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User Info: Alcogod

3 years ago#8
Age: 26

I started with the commadore 64 and atari as our family didnt have much money and we couldnt afford the newer consoles. My REAL first system was the playstation 1 and ive stuck with the playstation but i doubt i will continue as gaming is getting way too expensive even though i have a very good job now. I just dont like the way its going with much more linear games and lack of unlockables, also the lack of cheats have spoilt the fun as it was great clearing a game then replaying it with either crazy stuff or feeling like a god.
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User Info: renasunflash

3 years ago#9
21. Started gaming around 6-7 with either the Gameboy Color or PS1. I don't remember which I got first. Of course I'll continue gaming. Why would I stop? I already have the PS4 preordered and will be building a gaming PC by the end of the year.

User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

3 years ago#10
23, I had played the Atari, Sega Genesis, and the NES before, but I didn't really get into games until PS1.

I'm definitely going to continue, I can't wait for the PS4.
PSN: Draconas_Lyrr
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