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User Info: Junpei_Stupei

4 years ago#1
Just...... putting that out there.
I bought the wrong console this gen.

User Info: Paragon-57

4 years ago#2
Junpei_Stupei posted...
Just...... trollin.

Oh, we know.
P a r a g o n - 5 7 was here!
Hmm... Secret Board...

User Info: Junpei_Stupei

4 years ago#3
Sheep. Baa... Baa... Baaaa (--->)
I bought the wrong console this gen.

User Info: Gamenamebully

4 years ago#4
And I like them evenly.

Plus those are your opinions, not facts.
The Only Sane Gamer.
PSN Name: Gamenamebully

User Info: PaperCogFlimsy

4 years ago#5
Junpei_Stupei posted...
Just...... being a loli lover

mmmmm kay my little brokitten
$ONY: Only Does What Nintendo Did

User Info: The_Weeaboo

4 years ago#6
TC is correct.

Also the women in GTAV are disgusting. Selvaria Bles and Riela Marcellis are goddesses.
Nippon Banzai!

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#7
Did anyone else read "gtaV" as "gay?" Not meaning to offend anyone as there's no problem with it, but that's what I read. lol

User Info: ace_spades111

4 years ago#8
holy s**** this guy is desperate for attention. this is the 2nd topic he's made about VC vs GTA5...

rather this is a stupid follow up topic... "Was buying VC the other day...saw a guy buying GTA5 and called sheep"

Such a pathetic guy =S

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#9
I agree with TC completely. GTAV is an overrated crime simulation game.
Remember when games used to be good?
Proudly boycotting Capcom and DLCs.

User Info: laharl81

4 years ago#10
Dude seriously? The games are completely different in almost every way imaginable, you can't even compare them.

What it really comes down to in this case is people tastes.
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