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WB defends Batman: Arkham Origins season pass.I was going to give them a chance

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  3. WB defends Batman: Arkham Origins season pass.I was going to give them a chance

User Info: Shy420

3 years ago#11
This is something that is beginning to bother me. Companies would like you to shell out another 20$ on good faith. If you want my money please tell me what I'm getting. Enough of this secrecy crap, the only reason to keep something a secret is because you don't know if it will work yet.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

3 years ago#12
There's no secret: companies these days want you buying their games day one at a total cost of like +80 to 100 dollars...$60 with full content isn't cutting it anymore..the all inclusive GOTY version later on is just to sweep in any stragglers that didn't originally buy into the vanilla version offer, or people who just weren't paying attention to get it at the time of original release..or double dipping collector enthusiasts...

User Info: obscuritor

3 years ago#13
ace_spades111 posted...
spectermaster14 posted...
Did you even read anything in that article?
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User Info: KingJames304

3 years ago#14
Looks like I'll be buying WB games used from now on.
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User Info: dankanefan

3 years ago#15
"The $20 Batman: Arkham Origins season pass features the Millenium and Infinite Earths skins packs (comprising twelve skins in all), as well as the Gotham by Gaslight and Brightest Day Batman skins.

The pass also features Arkham Origins Initiation, a new mode where gamers will play as Bruce Wayne before he became Batman in new challenge maps. Lastly, the season pass packs in an all-new story campaign that Warner Bros. is not talking about yet."

Sounds like a great deal to me. Though I have so much else to play and I would have preferred a sequel over a prequel so I'll probably wait for GOTY too.
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User Info: 656stooge

3 years ago#16
I bought the (crappy) limited edition of City day one, and the stupid Catwoman code refused to work. The amount of hopes I had to jump through to get a new code made me promise I wouldn't be supporting the next game until it had a serious price drop.

I really enjoy the series, but it took two weeks before I got my first damn reply back from Warner Brothers, and it all said was maybe I'd already downloaded the code and it was hidden in my download queue; something I specifically said in my email that I had already checked.

Took an entire month before I was able to play the game.
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User Info: TomoEK9

3 years ago#17
Being a huge Batman fan, I want to play this game day one, and I enjoy having multiple costumes to pick from. I will definitely be getting the season pass.

User Info: melvin343

3 years ago#18
Generally speaking, if you're defending something before a game is released it already means you've lost the battle.

Most gamers, predictably, don't like paying for DLC not already created or released. Why pay for something that may, or may not, be good for a game not yet released that may, or may not, be good?

I can wait for GOTY and besides, I'm not paying WB crap after reading this. Thanks TC for this news otherwise I would have walk into a trap.

I'll say it like it is: Only a fool buys Season Pass if you don't do your homework first before buy.
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  3. WB defends Batman: Arkham Origins season pass.I was going to give them a chance

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