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The generation has been excellent

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User Info: HenryKazuka

3 years ago#121
fuchikoma posted...
It's undeniable sure... but you also can't deny every console generation has seen developers/publishers go under.... Sunsoft, Acclaim, and Data East are a few that come to mind... and that was back when the market was way less saturated.

Is there a list of developers/publishers and the year they closed? The one on Wikipedia only says whether they are active or not.
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User Info: kingcam07

3 years ago#122
I've loved this gen. I'm not sure that my experiences were better than last gen, but the games were better.. if that makes any sense.
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User Info: darklyger64

3 years ago#123
This really depends on how many games you've played.

But I do agree, I think all the generations have been great.

I've been playing games since the NES era, and all the games were always memorable.

I've never preferred any consoles to be quite honest, I cherished all of them entirely, the same way.

I might have played more games in certain consoles, but it never changed how much fun I had playing them. So yea, this generation has been great :) I hope next gen would go beyond further than this generation.

User Info: AngelWithaHat

3 years ago#124
The rise of online multiplayer and DLC have ruined this gen.

User Info: MortimerBrewstr

3 years ago#125
Yeah, I've had many game experiences that I feel where some of the best times I've had while gaming.
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User Info: KAOS1thebib62

3 years ago#126
i agree.
This gen has to be the worst I've been a part of.
Been playing since Sega genesis.
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User Info: agrissa

3 years ago#127
Garbage gen is garbage
Remember when games used to be good?
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User Info: BushidoEffect3

3 years ago#128
Same tc. Man.. This gen made me cry, don't hate.. =( it was personal to me. Different games/movies mean different things to people.

It also made my balls tingle! All 4 of them! (That's a hint. Krogan-Maaaaaan)

I'm also playing Fallout 3 and NV lately. just got it with all DLC and stuff. love it.
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User Info: Nevemus

3 years ago#129
This generation was pretty... bad I suppose. It sparked a few gems but most games were bad.

User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
3 years ago#130
I think Batman: Arkham City is the best game of this generation, but not of all time - to me that accolade goes to Perfect Dark on the N64. But I certainly wouldn't call this console generation the best, to me it's the worst of the three I've owned consoles in, even though it has had some very good games indeed.

And I too hate day one DLC, DLC that should have been part of the original game, dumbing down of games (constant onscreen prompts, obviously linear 'exploration', too easy challenge level, etc), a weapon carrying limit, etc.

Binba442 posted...
Gen 6 wasn't that great anyway. The ps2 only had Obscure Japanese games (Ico, DMC, SOTC) (Please correct me if I'm wrong) it seems, the xbox kinda sucked. The only one with great exclusives was the gamecube.

The XBox had some great exclusives, such as Unreal Championship 2 and Breakdown, and if you define 'exclusive' as meaning 'exclusive to console, but also on PC' then the XBox had morefantastic exclusives, such as Half-Life 2, Chronicles of Riddick, Elderscrolls III: Morrowind, and Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2. The PS2 had Deus Ex, Half-Life, Quake 3, etc.

Generation six was my second favourite generation, the fifth being my favourite. This generation has been good, but not as good as those, I believe. And that's not nostalgia talking, as I still have my N64, original XBox and PS2 conected up, and still play on them occasionally. I also still play on my Gamecube, but that's currently not connected to my TV as there aren't enough SCART connections to have all my consoles connected at once, sadly.
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