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Series of this gen!

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User Info: jordyboy1000

4 years ago#31
King_Burnout posted...
Yakuza series (5 games this gen)

qwertyMrJINX posted...
Yakuza. Those games were consistently great.

Series that originated this gen

Yakuza started on PS2.
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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

4 years ago#32
Etrian Odyssey or Batman.
Also, Chess is a game of skill much like all gameplay only video games. So it is pretty mindless if you think about it.-mtjormitch

User Info: SSJ_Jin

4 years ago#33
Technically it didn't start this gen, but the way the series is now it did, (i.e. Modern Warfare started it).

It's CoD, no doubt about it. Not only are the sales ridiculous, you have games/companies trying to copy it left and right.

User Info: RollingCradle

4 years ago#34
Yeah gotta go with COD.

User Info: MurphysGhost

4 years ago#35
Mass Effect trilogy for me.
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