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Uncharted series....

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User Info: Devilman_Amon

3 years ago#31
There's also 50 Cent Blood on the Sand, Unearthed and Deadfall Adventures (PC/360) .....but... no one ever talks about those games....


User Info: Rheygar

3 years ago#32
Last of Us was the best game I've played in a long time. I really enjoyed the Uncharted series 1-3 as well, 2 being the best ones, but 1 and 3 are worth playing as well. Some of the only games I've beat more than once.

User Info: PS2isFun

3 years ago#33
I like Uncharted 2 & 3 equally. 3 has much tougher puzzles.

User Info: ReeNoiP

3 years ago#34
I'm playing through 2 for the first time at the moment and it's great fun. The games are currently on sale on PSN.

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

3 years ago#35
Uncharted 2 & 3 are both great games, you have to play both at least once. I would also recommend playing 1 just once for the story on easy mode.

The three games aren't really connected (like Indiana Jones) other than recurring characters.
the end of one nightmare, prelude to the another...

User Info: servb0ts

3 years ago#36
Play them in order. I like Uncharted 2 the most.
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