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Considering buying a PS3... Need decisions...

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User Info: CubeTV

4 years ago#1
Hi. PS2 owner here. I have been considering getting a PS3 because nearly every PS2 game I want is on it in the form of "HD collections" and the main PS3 "system seller" game I want to get on it is Sonic 2006 (I've always wanted to play it but never could). This is just a simple shopping list of games I want for it, so there's obviously more games I'm going to buy for it.

Sly Cooper HD Collection
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix
God Of War Collection
Rachet and Clank Collection
ICO games

Should I buy these games in their PS2 formats with the money I could use towards a PS3 or just buy the PS3 and save up for one (it will be the first time I ever own a PS3)? Many of the original PS3 games I want (Borderlands, Skyrim, Portal and that's about it for my list at the moment) will also be available for me to buy when I get my new computer. Thanks to any responses.

User Info: MrMonkhouse

4 years ago#2
Depends heavily on your income. If you're on a budget and can't afford all of those games on the PS3, then just get the PS2 versions of those games. But if you can afford a PS3 and all those games, then definitely go with the PS3 route. You might also want to purchase a HDTV if you dont have one already. Picture quality is great with the HD collection games. Plus FFX/X-2 HD is coming out soon too.

User Info: minecraft

4 years ago#3
PS3 is a great media center too so theres that, I use it for watching movies about as much as i play it some weeks moreso

User Info: Dash_Dash88

4 years ago#4
The main system seller for you is sonic 2006 ?!?! Honestly never thought i would read that sentence.
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