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Good games for tournies(that aren't fighter games)

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User Info: Keyeszx

3 years ago#41
Habefiet posted...
Keyeszx posted...
Ok I think we're gonna have to change it to single elimination. Since it's on a college campus I'm sure not everyone has all the time in the world to be playing a video game tournament.

EDIT: I can't believe some of the people I'm setting this up with are so stingy with their controllers. They don't want to let people use their controller so we're down like one controller for each console we have or we let people use crappy, not official nintendo gamecube controllers. It's like these people want the tournament to get bad rep.

This is something you will get used to in many competitive gaming communities. Someone's controller is theirs. That's not for others to use. There's a fear of damage/theft, an emotional attachment, and just the fact that their controller is broken in in such a way that it works best for that player and they don't want other people to mess with the patterns of broken-in-ness.

If you're cutting it to single elim I recommend making Grand Finals Bo5 to make it a little more hype, though if you do so bear in mind that in Melee Bo5 sets have slightly different rules for stage selection than Bo3 (players don't get stage bans in Bo5s and you can't go back to a stage you've already won on, basically).

That sounds good. I get why competitive gamers would care but the people I'm hosting it with aren't skilled enough to need to care about something like that. It would be unfair for one setup to have 2 perfectly fine controllers and another to have crappy and slightly more crappy controllers.
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