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Worst final boss to conclude a series?

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User Info: Zora_Prince

4 years ago#1
What's a game series that had a continuous story, that across the course of more than one game, seemed to be leading up to an epic conclusion, but the final battle left a lot more to be desired?

I'm going with Jak III. I don't know why Naughty Dog, during the entire trilogy, was so sparse with their bosses. I think there were three in the first game, and only four in 2 and 3. The final boss was so anti-climatic, it isn't even funny.

Spoilers for Jak III Below!

The vehicle section is good, but the part where you play as Jak is pretty lame.
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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

4 years ago#2
Uncharted 1 & 3 had terrible final bosses. Take a guess at who developed those games.
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User Info: Shankis

4 years ago#3
Mass Effect.

User Info: CronoGuyver

4 years ago#4
Drakengard - Tokyo skyline battle; Sacred 2... basically any game where game's battle mechanic completely changes for that one battle.
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User Info: bdfan4ever

4 years ago#5
Mass Effect 3

User Info: JackTheSkipper

4 years ago#6
bdfan4ever posted...
Mass Effect 3

His name was Marauder Shields...
This guy are sick.
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