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Getting Games

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User Info: Nova666

4 years ago#1
You usually... - Results (89 votes)
Preorder when possible, else get them a soon as they are out.
16.85% (15 votes)
Get them the day or week they are out, rarely later.
14.61% (13 votes)
Get them a month or later. Prefer to wait to see if the game gets well received.
6.74% (6 votes)
Wait until you finish the last game you got before buying anything new.
4.49% (4 votes)
Wait until you finish your backlog. Yeah, right.
5.62% (5 votes)
Wait until it gets a discount or price drop.
40.45% (36 votes)
Get anything as long as is discounted. Someday you will have the time to play it...
11.24% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know this varies form game to game but think about the average game you get.
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User Info: kenff6

4 years ago#2
I'm bipolar and buy tons of games during my highs....

User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#3
If it's a game I really want, I buy it on release

Otherwise I buy most of my games used from ebay or something. Then there's the very odd impulse buy when I go to the store.
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User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#4
The day 1 games I buy are typically for my favorite franchises only. Everything else either doesn't get bought or I wait for a really cheap price.
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User Info: Deja-Entendu

4 years ago#5
I pre-ordered three games this year (which as far as I know, were the only three games I ever preordered). Usually I wait a decent amount of time (6 months to a year) to see if any price drops/sales pop up.

Not that anyone cares, but these are what I bought this year. Pretty much the most amount of games I've ever purchase in a single year

MLB 13: The Show
Metal Gear Rising
Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Max Payne 3
Hotline Miami
Mission Impossible
The World Is Not Enough
Onimusha 1, 2
The Getaway
Resident Evil 0
Ride to Hell: Retribution
Hitman HD Trilogy

User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#6
I get them whenever I want, but typically I don't buy a game until I'm finished or nearly finished with the one I'm currently playing. But many times I'm waiting around for a game to release.
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User Info: tuna-egg

4 years ago#7
toadieman posted...
The day 1 games I buy are typically for my favorite franchises only. Everything else either doesn't get bought or I wait for a really cheap price.

User Info: ninjakraken

4 years ago#8
A combination of these. Usually I wait until I finish a game to get a new one but for the first time I've got a backlog due to numerous deals as well as day-1-purchase games that I have been interested in.
PSN: lady_mystic
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User Info: LamboNemo

4 years ago#9
Except for special releases (like Batman)

I tend to wait a month or two before buying games.

User Info: LadyYachiru

4 years ago#10
Think ive bought maybe 2 games during their first month of release....I tend to wait months/years before getting them...
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