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looking for a good psn shooter

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User Info: rb10001

4 years ago#21
Peltar94 posted...
Not exactly the normal scrolling shooter.....I recommend Beat Hazard Ultra.

Game style is non scrolling, with enemies coming into the screen (think of a more advanced form of Asteroids) it can use your music tracks from your hdd to randomize the level (like Space Invaders Infinity Gene). Personally, I found it enjoyable, but be warned that I don't think it was ever patched (indie developer that couldn't afford the patch fee that sony charges) to fix a freezing issue that only occurs when trying to view the leaderboards (so no leaderboards).

first, thanks dudes for all the suggestions and sorry for the late reply.

Peltar, i played the hell out of beat hazard ultra on pc. to the point where i was ranked in the top 10 if not first on every leaderboard. saying that, beat hazard ultra is what finally got me into getting a ps3 as i was noticing more and more popular "indie" games were being released only for the ps3. the game was on the 360 yes, but it was not the ultra version and had no leaderboards and it had no support from ms as it was in the indie section for a buck.

so, i bought hazard the day i got a ps3 and i was hoping to see some exclusive content. what did i get? no exclusive content, no radio stations and a bug that crashes your ps3 if you even try to view the leaderboards. the whole damn point of that game is the leaderboards. looking at what song someone played and trying to beat their score etc.

the dev for this game pisses me off. there will never be a patch for this broken game as he blames sony and how much they charge for a patch. a couple things wrong with that...

1. the first patch is free for devs just like the 360. the clown has yet to release one patch

2. he said he made over 2.2 million on the game (of course combined, not just the ps3)

to add further insult he claims it's a really easy fix. one of these days i have to call sony and get my money back as this is a complete joke. sorry for writing a book about this but i have been pissed off about this game since the day i got it.

EDIT: i should have read your whole post. when i saw beat hazard ultra i just saw red and started my rant. ha... you know what's up. however, you are wrong about the patch cost as again he has yet to release one. i'm pretty sure sony does what ms does and has the first patch free. if not, the patch cost around 30k but the dude again made 2.2 million and i'm sure it is still selling on steam. i'm going to make it a point to never buy one of his games on any console or pc again. what BS is that putting out a broken game and not fixing it? if he cared just one bit he would of paid that 30k even if he did not make his 2.2 million. i swear the things indie devs can get away with scares the crap out of me. this is not the first time an indie dev refused to fix their game. they seem to like to play the blame game and just whine.

also sorry for grammar. i do at least try.
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