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Help! I am a JRPG lover, what top 5 games should I get for Christmas?

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  3. Help! I am a JRPG lover, what top 5 games should I get for Christmas?

User Info: yoshirulezzz

4 years ago#1
I heard Tales of Xilla is pretty good but what other JRPGs should I get(including ones on the PSN store only)
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User Info: badboy

4 years ago#2
Ni no Kuni is all you need.

User Info: minecraft

4 years ago#3
ni no kuni and preorder FFX remastered

User Info: -GLICE-

4 years ago#4
If you are a mature adult and you require a JRPG with complexity, avoid Ni No Kuni. it's far too basic and feels like the Fisher Price of JRPGs. Ni No Kuni is an insult to JRPGs.
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User Info: ToadWarrior

4 years ago#5
Just play PS1 and 2 games you haven't done already, they will be way better than pretty much any PS3 game.

NNK is the best JRPG on PS3 and it isn't wonderful, terrible combat system.

If you haven't played Vagrant Story, then do that. I played it for the first time recently and it just massacres every current gen game in terms of story and interesting game mechanics and atmosphere. So many holy **** moments and killer tone.

Plus the characters emote more and look cooler than today's JRPGs where the characters are lifeless anime dolls (FF, Tales)

User Info: blasster

4 years ago#6
Atelier Rorona
Atelier Totori
Atelier Meruru
Atelier Ayesha
Ar Tonelico

Pure JRPG with kya ugu kawainess.
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User Info: laharl81

4 years ago#7
1 - Tales of XIllia
2- Resonance of Fate
3- Tales of Graces F
4- Final Fantasy XIII-2 (stories not that good, but gameplay is superb)
5- Star Ocean 4

These all offer the best gameplay experiences in my opinion.Also get Valkyria Chronicles if you can. I also think Eternal Sonata is a game you should experience, but overall it isn't as strong as the ones I listed.
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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#8
Suikoden 2
Chrono trigger
Earth bound
radiant historia
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User Info: Fiz57

4 years ago#9
1) Legend of Dragoon(PS1-PSN)
2) Front Mission 3 (PS1-PSN). Sadly, Front Mission 4 not release in PSN I think nor HD, 5 is Japanese and I never play it, hoping it got translate seem impossible.
3) Chrono Cross and Trigger (PS1-PSN)
4) Persona series.(PS2-PSN but for 4th, try to get the PSVita since it is the exclusive upgrade package).
5) White Knight Chronicle 2 since it got 1 re-mastered in one disc. Not sure if the server for WKC2 is up but if it is, online is great,

Other than that which I don't think exist in PSN store (yet I think) are my favorite PS2 games and some PS1; Shadow Heart (1-3), Xenosaga (1-3 although third seem to skip many story due to internal problem of Namco), Wild Arm, Tales series, Mana series, Ateliar series and Suikoden series. I think there are more I could name but it been a long time already.
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User Info: BaseChouGoku

4 years ago#10
1 - Tales of XIllia
2- Resonance of Fate
3- Tales of Graces F
4-Valkyria Chronicles
5-Yakuza 3
6-Yakuza 4
7-White Knight Chronicles II

Not going to mention PS1 titles as you should probably have those already.
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