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Tell me games to buy

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User Info: gilv3r

3 years ago#11
Metal gear rising and vanquish.

User Info: KiLL3R_iNST1NCT

3 years ago#12
Titaniumdinos posted...
My list so far that I have
Uncharted 1-3
Infamous 1 and 2
Rayman something
Batman trilogy
Ico/Shadow of the colossus bundle
The last of us
All Ratchet and clank games for the ps3
Little big planet 2
Sonic Generations
Bioshock Infinite

What else is there? note qte heavy games like heavy rain need not be listed

You NEED to go back and play Bioshock 1 & 2.
InFamous Festival of Blood
Dead Space 1-3
Red Dead Redemption
The Amazing Spider-Man (The Newest One, YES IM SERIOUS, its pretty good)
PS AllStars Battle Royale
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