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In what games can we play as a hot chick?

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  3. In what games can we play as a hot chick?

User Info: Billdough002

3 years ago#1
PS3/PS2, etc.
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User Info: Lost_Number

3 years ago#2
Lollipop Chainsaw
Mass Effect maybe
Heavenly Sword? maybe
Heavy Rain? partially

User Info: Deja-Entendu

3 years ago#3
Metal Gear Solid 4

User Info: zyrax2301

3 years ago#4
Tomb Raider
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User Info: ReyMilansteryo

3 years ago#5
Tomb Raider, Bayonetta and some characters from DOA and Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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User Info: Lord_Ka1n

3 years ago#6 with create-a-character?
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User Info: DotsAndLines

3 years ago#7
Anything except for sports and FPS.
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User Info: Kraqdar

3 years ago#8
Hunted : The Demon's Forge
Various fighting games ( D.O.A. - Soul Calibur ... )
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User Info: Phophenomenon

3 years ago#9
Battlefield 4
Metal Gear Solid 4
Final Fantasy XIII
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User Info: juzzieb

3 years ago#10
zyrax2301 posted...
Tomb Raider

Didn't know you could play as Sam, that's an improvement over that ugly ass main character. Is it in DLC?
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