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What have you gotten from Black Friday so far?

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User Info: Gamer4ever77

3 years ago#161
star_guy_100 posted...
god of war ascension. 19.99
skyrim goty. 29.99
bioshock infinite. 19.99
beyond 2 souls. 25
last of us. 25

im pretty happy with these black friday deals

Probably could of saved 5 dollars on Bioshock Infinite.
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User Info: Twizz810

3 years ago#162
VasDeferens posted...
PS3 bundle with Last of Us and Arkham Origins ( new owner here ) .

This, also might get Uncharted 1&2 later
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User Info: EspicaGF

3 years ago#163
2DS $100
Dead Space $10
Elder Scrolls Anthology PC $25

Almost got FFXIV for PS3 but I remembered I have it for PC, I had bought the game when it launched the first time.
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User Info: MV6000

3 years ago#164
So far the only things I bought have been.....

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix $20 Amazon
Bioshock Infinite (PS3) $20 Amazon
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User Info: bigybri

3 years ago#165
Terotrous posted...
enigmamj posted...
Seems strange that Tales of Xillia is that cheap. I thought it just came out recently?(In the West anyway) Has it not sold well?

I guess the reception wasn't great. Graces F is still worth $30.

"Tales of X" was $20 @Gamestop and @ I'm not really sure what the benefit for the retailers is. The game is niche and it's like on page 4 in the Gamestop add. I just don't think it was a popular enough game to bring people to the store. The same could be said about "N.N Kuni", but that game is $20 everywhere and just got a RED Label rerelease.

What did Gamestop and have to benefit from lowering the price? The cost to the stores is near selling it for a loss!
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User Info: ValzacardX

3 years ago#166
PS Plus year subscription for $30 from Amazon
Magic 4 from Xbox live for $5
Pixma MX5420 from Staples for $50

Was going to hop on all the PS3 games on sale, but with the PS Plus collection and my huge backlog by the time I have time for the games I wanted(Kingdom Hearts HD, Tales of Xelia ect) they'll be around the same price if not cheaper.
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User Info: Creator_Izanagi

3 years ago#167
[b]Black Friday 2013[/b]
500GB GTA V PS3 Bundle
Philips High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet (6ft)
Lexar Jumpdrive V10 (16GB)
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance T-Shirt (EB Games Exclusive)

AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match ($30 sealed copy)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ($5 used)
Heavy Rain: Director's Cut ($10 sealed copy)
inFamous 2 ($10 sealed copy)
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX ($20 sealed copy)
LittleBigPlanet Karting ($10 sealed copy)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst ($20 sealed copy)
NIER ($10 used)
Tekken Hybrid: Limited Edition ($20 sealed copy)
The Cursed Crusade ($10 sealed copy) (2935 posts)

User Info: Xialoh

3 years ago#168
^Where did you get Heavy Rain for $10? And Infamous 2 for that matter..
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User Info: TVthePunisher

3 years ago#169
Decided to stop by Best Buy and use the rest of the gift card on Jak and Daxter. =)
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