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Why are you still playing PS3 when PS4 is already out?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

3 years ago#1
Huge backlog of games or because you can't find a PS4 yet?

User Info: RadioOutrider

3 years ago#2
Great games

User Info: echa_One

3 years ago#3
No RPG yet on ps4.
There is a board for RPG, you know:

User Info: SugarFlakes

3 years ago#4
Waiting for the games man.
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User Info: MajorFlash

3 years ago#5
Not just a massive backlog, but good future content.
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User Info: WizardofHoth

3 years ago#6
Reasons why

-I'm a first timer getting into the PlayStation 3
-PlayStation 3 has some great games both old and new
-I'm getting into the online multiplayer of battlefield 4 and call of duty ghosts
-PlayStation 3 has trilogy collection of certain games such as Mass Effect and Killzone
-Dark Souls, elder scrolls IV Oblivion, Skyrim

User Info: Trigger99X

3 years ago#7
RadioOutrider posted...
Great games

User Info: Mad_Cauliflower

3 years ago#8
i'm playing both
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User Info: riddlebox89

3 years ago#9
Because I don't want one yet.
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User Info: Still__Rippin

3 years ago#10
Mad_Cauliflower posted...
i'm playing both
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