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Why do people hate Final Fantasy XIII?

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User Info: jubjub360

3 years ago#41
SpreadDemLegs posted...
RPG maniac87 posted...
uthoria205 posted...
Because garbage is garbage!

This. Garbage is garbage. People with poor taste can't be helped.

Says the TLOU fan, you know that half of this forum think you have poor taste for liking that game?

That's not saying much.
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User Info: SpreadDemLegs

3 years ago#42
kaminarikid posted...
Because people don't realize there are worse games out there, like Tales of Xillia.

Tales of Xillia and Ni No Kuni are less mainstream though so they are awesome!

User Info: shivah41

3 years ago#43
i enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite ff game. And for the record X-2 gets my vote for worst ff game. I don't remember the game entirely as i only played it once and that was years ago. What i do remember was that disappointing was an understatement and that yuna was some crappy pop star and the stupid changing outfits garbage. It was far too girly.

User Info: calhoun1389

3 years ago#44
SandOnMyBoot posted...
To be fair, I don't like FF7 much either. I have some major issues with Cloud and highly question his morality. But the key difference between FF7 and FF13 is that FF7 was highly praised across the board. It may have completely turned off fans of the old-school FFs, but the new fans greatly outnumbered the old fans. Cloud did make cameos in Ehrgeiz and FFTactics soon after FF7, but those were relatively small roles and the FF7 sequels didn't come out until many years after FF7 had come and gone.

FF13 on the other hand divided audiences so drastically there's no way it could be considered highly praised. Lightning (who also seemed to have rather questionable morals) wasn't even the main character of the game, despite being portrayed as such. Dissidia Duodecim came out and decided to have HER, all of people, be the big important leader of the new characters in the game. And while fans were waiting for FF Versus to come out, instead they got direct sequels to the game that around half the fanbase hated, all within a few short years.

TLDR: FF7 didn't get a sequel (Advent Children) until after we already had FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2, and FF11, and FF12 came out a few months later. So even the release of FF10-2 and Advent Children, there were still tons of highly varied FF games released for the fans to play. Plus, the FF7 sequels weren't major releases either (a movie, a 3rd-person shooter, and a handheld Action-RPG).

Whereas FF13 got a major release sequel in only 2 years when the only other main FF game was FF14 which had been a catastrophic flop, the faux-protagonist of it got shoved to the forefront of a handheld game she didn't belong in, it got a second major release sequel in another 2 years, Type-0 still hasn't been localized, and FF Versus (now FF15) is still not finished after 7 years of wait. And remember, FF13 had a massively mixed reception among both Western & Japanese audiences while FF7 had a generally high reception among most audiences. And even then, Square was originally quite hesitant on making a direct sequel to FF7.

Whole lot of text to say "But FFVII is more popular so it's ok." FXIII is popular in the only region that matters to Square - Japan. Lightning was so popular that she was voted best female character from the franchise, so yeah, she's going to be marketed more regardless of how much their foreign fans hate her.

My point was that a lot of the complaints about FFXIII can also describe the precious FVII.
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