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How to tell you have a fake ps3 controller: the easiest way

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User Info: Skarz89

3 years ago#1
This just happened to me so I decided to make a point blank video on how to tell whether or not a controller you got is real or fake.

Please help get this out, this is very informative and I want others to be able to turn to this
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User Info: Varron

3 years ago#2
Wow that's sketchy. It even comes in an official box...
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User Info: GeneralRaiden

3 years ago#3
My controllers all have the E on the end of the code and they've all worked fine for me since I've had the system. I'm from Europe though. Maybe the controller you got was a European one and might be messing with your American PS3?
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User Info: raige

3 years ago#4
The letter at the end is just the region the controller was created.

User Info: DaSnakeSnack

3 years ago#5
E is for Europe and U is for United States/North America.

My Canadian imported Dual Shock has the U code, the one that came with my PS3 has the E code because I'm European. Both the Sixaxis that came with my original launch PS3 also have the E code.

That being said my E Dualshock suffers from a myriad of problems that i have never experienced before. The face buttons have actually chipped and cracked, something that has never happened even to my PS1 controllers, and in those days the face buttons were all you ever used. The left analog stick developed a blister in the rubber, yeah a god damned blister wtf! And finally the controler turns it self off randomly if i have it connected to the USB cable.

So there were some obvious production problems in wherever the European controllers are made.

User Info: bigjoe980

3 years ago#6
Those aren't fake, it's a line EU revisions, along with the CECHZC2E A1/B1 models... B1 being the newest..

Original and A1 models are known for the crappy feel and stiff sticks

Sony accidently sent me one once, when I sent mine in for repair, although I'm not sure why they hand a EU controller on hand


User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#7
Crap, i was going to ask if the problem is specific to a certain region or if it's worldwide.

It's a miracle if i bought a used blue DS3 for less than half the normal price...
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  3. How to tell you have a fake ps3 controller: the easiest way

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