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How is metal gear solid 4?

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User Info: Fishman24

3 years ago#1
I have only played through metal gear solid 2. I have not really played metal gear 3 and 4. Thoughts and why.

User Info: stawg007

3 years ago#2
Don't go near it until you play mgs 1, 2 and 3

User Info: aj4x94

3 years ago#3
stawg007 posted...
Don't go near it until you play mgs 1, 2 and 3

This. You won't understand a thing unless you play 1-3.
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User Info: OracleGunner

3 years ago#4
Play through 1 and 3 so you can understand the story.

Gameplay wise I'm kinda not really surprised, but I'm slightly disappointed.
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#5
Go ahead and play it. Then play 1 and 3 and realize how much trash 4 is. Save the best for last, there's nothing much to understand anyway considering everything is explained with one answer.

User Info: mmc2679

3 years ago#6
I only played 1 and I still enjoyed 4. So go for it.
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User Info: Deja-Entendu

3 years ago#7
stawg007 posted...
Don't go near it until you play mgs 1, 2 and 3


But as to the quality, it's really well made but it has it's fair share of problems. Be warned it does a lot of really goofy ret-conny stuff to the plot, and it's the most cutscene heavy game in the series. MGS1 and 3 probably have the best gameplay-cutscene ratio. I like MGS2 the most out of all of them but it is cutscene and codec heavy. I just think the cyber-puny plot is super interesting.
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User Info: Sipher360

3 years ago#8
If you like cut scenes, then you'll love this game. If you like to actually play a game, then you may find yourself getting irritated. Not to mention the story is so convoluted and drawn out, in typical MGS fashion.
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User Info: EminentFate

3 years ago#9
It has the most refined gameplay in the series, IMO. Of course, each successive installment in the series keeps raising the bar for stealth games. But too bad the unbalanced gameplay-cutscene ratio means you'll be spending more time watching the game than actually playing it. And even then, only the first two out of five levels accomodate the gameplay with its level design. The remaining three are pretty linear and disappointing.

As for the plot, it retcons some stuff here and there, and nanomachines is notoriously used as a plot device to conveniently explain away elements. You're better off playing MGS1 and 3 before playing through 4.
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User Info: Skull007o_O

3 years ago#10
If you want to remotely like this game, you'll first have to go through MGS1, 2 and 3

MGS4 es pure fan service for the fans of the saga, and even with that in mind, many people say it was a disappointment as a whole

However, it has the most epic moments this gen IMO, as well as some epic bosses with epic dialogue and more epic stuff

But seriously, lots of amazing moments in this game, but only for those who played its prequels
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