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Update 4.55 available

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User Info: DesertLynx83

3 years ago#1
When you log on to PSN, you'll be prompted to download this. There aren't any notes available currently, so not sure what it does. My console is still functioning, BTW.

User Info: Jasmin699

3 years ago#2
I just got this too out of nowhere. Hope its not a hack attack. :(

User Info: Varron

3 years ago#3
Bricked PS3 topics incoming!!
PS3/3DS Gamer

User Info: LinkinLawg

3 years ago#4
PS4 got an update yesterday for headsets. Maybe this one is to support the new Gold headset.
PSN: LinkinLawg
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User Info: rush86

3 years ago#5
Jasmin699 posted...
I just got this too out of nowhere. Hope its not a hack attack. :(

Lol I was thinking the same thing

User Info: Ke7hpl

3 years ago#6
I bet it's a update to change the sound when you earn a trophy.

User Info: kalibre16

3 years ago#7
Varron posted...
Bricked PS3 topics incoming!!

It will be a breath of fresh air among TLOU topics >_>
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User Info: Slayer

3 years ago#8
What does it do?

User Info: tomcatobitrice

3 years ago#9
Slayer7861 posted...
What does it do?

It creates "bricked" topics on GF's
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User Info: hindd92

3 years ago#10
I'll update tomorrow. But for those who already did, does it allow you to sort the games bought at the PSN alphabetically? I'm still waiting for that one.
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