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Do you get bored of games halfway through and just move on?

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  3. Do you get bored of games halfway through and just move on?

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#1
or at least want to? TR was the last game I finished - and I loved it - but thats a rarity - often I cannot wait for a game to end so I can move along to something new
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User Info: GoatJugSoup

3 years ago#2
generally no but if I do find myself getting bored with a game I will move on because what's the point of gaming if you are not having fun.
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User Info: ilikefords

3 years ago#3
I get bored with games really easy now it seems so I am constantly switching games out and playing different ones.

Because of this I now have a huge backlog. I rarely give up and never finish a game though.
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User Info: danny50

3 years ago#4
I generally try not too. If I do find myself getting bored I will play through something else and revisit the previous.

User Info: Alltra

3 years ago#5
Not so much bored, but something else distracts me that I want to play more than what I was playing, and I'll stop halfway.

I don't like doing that though, and I try very hard not to. I prefer to finish what I start before I move on to something else, but it has happened on occasion.
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User Info: CronoGuyver

3 years ago#6
yep...I do. Why bother with boring game?
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

3 years ago#7
Sometimes. Happened with The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Mini Ninjas, Mirror's Edge, probably some others.

User Info: NaturalCalamity

3 years ago#8
Games I chose not to finish this past gen:

White Knight Chronicles
Uncharted 3
Demon's Souls
Final Fantasy 13-2

Let's just say this was not a good gen for me. Probably the gen that I've gamed the least.
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User Info: rswsc0407

3 years ago#9
This seems to happen to me all of the time nowadays and I have no idea why. I will eventually go back and finish them sometime I just have too many games to play cause of Plus on top of buying more games that I want cause they're like 5-10 bucks and it's kind of hard to pass up at that price.
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User Info: Scrubbydude

3 years ago#10
Only on games that I know I can't enjoy any further. Examples include: Valkyria Chronicles where the first 7 chapters bored me, Dishonored/Deus Ex where I got tired of reloading check points for non-lethal runs and KH 1.5 Remix where I just hit Atlantica. Otherwise I try to make it a point to complete a game I like and unlock all the artwork/bonus commentaries. I won't bother with trophies/achievements.

If there is something really interesting that just hit my hard disk then that just got listed on my backlog...and I'll clear it.

Someday. =/
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  3. Do you get bored of games halfway through and just move on?

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